A blog-post written by my friend Jacqueline who interviewed me about Cosmic Ordering. 🙂


Creating a visual prayer is easy and fun.  Just go through magazines and cut out pictures, words, and images that depict the future you’d like to attract into your life.  Again, be careful what you wish for.  I’ve seen people put pictures of messy rooms up on their vision board to remind them to declutter.  The Universe doesn’t work that way.  If you put a picture of clutter on your vision board, you can be sure that your clutter will be there to stay.  Instead, choose a picture of a serene, clear, uncluttered room and attract that into your life.

You can also put words, quotes and poems on your vision board.  Back in 2004, when I first heard the term ‘Future Pull’, I tried to buy the domain name, futurepull.com, but it was not available.  I printed it out on the computer in a large font and put it…

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