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What the Stars Have In Store For… Gareth Southgate

Gareth Southgate, England Manager

Gareth Southgate was born on 3rd September 1970, in Watford, Hertfordshire, in England. Birth time unknown (as far as I can find out), so I have approximated it to 12 noon for the purpose of computing his horoscope, as follows:

Gareth Southgate, 3rd September 1970, Watford, Herts, 12 noon (approximated).

This may be briefly analysed thus:

Gareth is a mastermind and a healer, but his emotions are rather whimsical. Friendship is what makes him emotionally happy.

He thinks in a fruitful way, but can communicate his thoughts and needs in an impatient way, and might often be hasty and impulsive – in doing so going against his natural inclination for patience and caution.

He expresses his energy in an efficient way: when he becomes angry, he can become violent. He prefers to stand out in a crowd than to follow. He should watch for a tendency to be stubborn or dogmatic, which can impede his progress in life and cause unnecessary delays or obstacles.  He can be very temperamental, but he tends to get over things quickly.

In love he will be thoughtful and he seeks support.

Attracts the most good fortune he puts his “all” into a project or undertaking, and uses his magnetic powers to heal others. Enthusiastic for deeper studies and meanings, all that is taboo or mysterious, psychology. Values decisiveness, intensity, willpower, commitment, and strength. Very strong problem solver who cuts to the chase.

You are very persistent in carrying out your goals.  On the positive side, you are a tireless worker and have determination, discipline, organizing ability and can go the distance when those around you fall. Hard work is your forte. Your feelings are serious, well-controlled and not easily changed, although at times it may be hard for you to forgive and forget. Loyalty is important to you. Building structures that last is a need you have.

Otherwise he has an easy, likeable charm: although he finds the Mr Nice-Guy image that the public have created for him both a blessing and a curse.

The celebrities he is most like, personality speaking, are fellow footballer-turned-manager Ruud Gullit, English monarch Richard the Lionheart … and Tsar Ivan The Terrible.

(l-r), Gullit, Lionheart, Terrible.

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World Cup Astrology – Yet Another Post Mortem

The German soccer team resorted to superstitious practices to beat England in the World Cup – they consulted PhD students who identified a number of fundamental mistakes that the team was repeatedly making. Pah! What an amateur approach! They should have used Astrology like I did! Far more reliable and a lot less effort. Never mind about Stevie G wandering in-field instead of staying on the wing, and all that malarchy. The fact that Fabio Capello’s native Sun squared both the transiting Saturn and Jupiter (+Uranus) told me straight away that he was not going to come out of the World Cup covered in glory.

Not that I’m saying that I would have helped Joachim Low instead of those PhD Students – I do have some sense of patriotism.

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Star-Cross’d Alex

I was planning on making a public appearance on Sunday afternoon and sell a few copies of my new book Opus Secunda. I had been looking forward to it for some time! Instead: what happens? England are playing Germany that afternoon! 😦

It is all to do with the Saturn-Jupiter opposition at the moment – this if you recall was the reason England was playing in such a mediocre fashion – because their transits made squares to Fabio Capello’s birth-chart. If England had played better and had actually won the group, they would be playing on Saturday instead of Sunday – and I would have my Sunday afternoon free! Grr!

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World Cup Astrology – the post mortem

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. What a disastrous result. Not for England – I mean for my attempts at predicting scores! In my last blog post I said:

Therefore, I am going to stick my neck out and say that England will have a slightly better game this Friday than against USA, however the underlying difficulties which caused them to perform badly have not gone way. Probable result: England to scrape by with a 1-0 victory.

This turned out to be somewhat optimistic – the final score was in fact 0-0. It would have been more accurate to say that in some respects England was both better and worse than they were against the USA. Better in that David James turned out to be a safer pair of hands than Rob Green: worse in that the England forwards were not nearly as good as previously.

It is only with the benefit of hindsight that I can say that the fact of Fabio Capello’s transitting Sun being conjunct his natal Sun was nowhere near significant enough to overcome the T-formed by the latter with the transitting Saturn / Jupiter (+Uranus) opposition.

Personally I doubt that Fabio will be able to shake off the challenging influences of Saturn and Jupiter / Uranus for the rest of this World Cup campaign: however I shall cease to predict further scores from now on.


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World Cup Astrology – England vs Algeria

After my successful attempts to predict the outcome of the British General Election, I thought to myself, can I use Astrology to predict the result of the World Cup? As it happens, I recently had a conversation with an astrologer friend of mine, who claimed that one of her colleagues did indeed use astrology to predict the results of football matches. The basic principle is to draw up a chart for the time (kick-off), date and place of the match: the Ascendant represents the Home team, whilst the Descendant is the Away team.

Thinking about this however I quickly saw the draw-back to this approach. During the Football season in England, the vast majority of matches all kick-off simultaneously – 3.30pm on a Saturday afternoon – all within a country which in astrological terms is so small that the difference between one match and another will be minimal. Therefore if the approach suggested were taken, it would imply that on any given Saturday there would be a tendency for either all home or all away teams to win their respective matches. However, this clearly does not reflect reality so if astrology can indeed be used, some deeper considerations ought to be taken into account.

Fortunately I had an idea which was inspired by work on the General Election – to identify the key individuals concerned in each match, and then look at the transits formed between their natal charts and the chart drawn up for the match. This would tell me whether a given individual was likely to have a “good match” or a “bad match.”

I first tested this theory by drawing up charts for the England vs USA game, which took place on 12th June 2010, at Rustenburg, 1830 GMT. I then found England manager Fabio Capello’s birth data – 18 June 1946, San Canzian D’Isonzo (time unknown). I immediately noticed that Capello’s natal Sun was awkwardly placed – it was at right angles to the current Saturn / Jupiter & Uranus opposition. His natal Moon, however, was more favourably placed, being trine to transitting Saturn.

The Sun – representing what one is naturally good at doing. The Moon represents emotions, sensitivity, and in a certain extent popularity (especially when forming aspects with Venus). Thus – what possible result could reconcile Fabio having a difficult game (unfavourable Sun), with the fact that his emotions and popularity with the Press would not necessarily suffer? Clearly, a 1-1 draw! It is easy for me to say that now, writing this after the fact: but I am ashamed to say that when England were 1-0 up only for the ball to bobble out of Rob Green’s hands into the goal, I was secretly delighted that there might be something to my astrological predictions. (I should point out that hours before the game I tweeted that I predicted that “US will give England a difficult time.”)

So on to the England vs Algeria game, which is due to take place this Friday, 1830 GMT in Cape Town. The unfortunate fact is that because Saturn, Jupiter and Uranus are such slow-moving planets, the same factors which caused Fabio to have a mediocre time last Saturday will have hardly improved with the passage of six days. However there is one factor in his favour – the match occurs on his birthday. In Astrological terms, this means that his natal sun is conjunct the transitting sun. Therefore, I am going to stick my neck out and say that England will have a slightly better game this Friday than against USA, however the underlying difficulties which caused them to perform badly have not gone way. Probable result: England to scrape by with a 1-0 victory.


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