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Believers Have More Sex Than Atheists

You are more likely to have children if you are a follower of a religion than if you are not. Not just because you are more likely to have sex, but because you will be doing so with people more likely to be fertile. A church is probably not the best place to go for a one-night stand, but if you want to meet people who are ready, willing and able to get married and go forth and multiply, they are veritable hot-beds of lust and seething passion.

This is not just something I have made up off the top of my head in order to attract traffic to this website – it is the finding of some academic from Cambridge. Ironically, I find that he is a Professor not of Religion, Genetics or Fertility but of Economics. Presumably the world-wide recession has quietened down for the moment, leaving him with time on his hands! More seriously though, because Religious people allegedly have more children than non-believers, then this means that there will be a natural tendency for the number of people following a religion to increase in proportion to those that do not.

The great irony of course is that religion may be a meme, but so is the idea of criticising overpopulation – with one crucial difference: the former by its very nature encourages its own continuance, whilst the latter is actually encouraging its own extinction. Oh how Richard Dawkins must be kicking himself!


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The Astrology of the Pope’s Visit To Britain – Follow-up

Judging from the press coverage, most of the trip appears to have gone smoothly. I was predicting a major incident of controversy: the most controversial incident reported was that on the first day, Il Papa rather unkindly pointed out that it was atheist extremism which caused the atrocities of World War II, which apparently upset a lot of people like Richard Dawkins (probably because they realised they can’t keep going on about the wars fought in the name of religion anymore!). I’m surprised these militant atheists didn’t try to complain that the Pope had Godwinized the debate, as that’s the level of incisive rhetoric to which they usually ascend.

Accidents: none which were reported in the press. The nearest we got to one was prevented when the police arrested a gang of street cleaners who were allegedly plotting to assassinate the Pope.

Because my analysis was mainly based on the slow-moving planets, I calculate that the margin for error is approximately three months. That is to say: if the events predicted happen within the next three months, it is just about possible to say they were astrologically indicated, even though they did not occur within the time of the visit itself. If however nothing such happens between now and Christmas, we can reasonably say that Astrology failed to work on this occasion. Either that or the Holy Father read my blog and took steps to avert the omens.

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The Astrology of the Pope’s Visit To Britain

Courtesy of AstroDienst.com

Following on from my successes at predicting the outcome of the UK general election, and England’s chances in the world cup, I now present what I predict will occur when His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI arrives tomorrow for his state visit to the United Kingdom. This I have done by comparing the Pope’s birth-chart with the transits which are occurring at this time.

Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Alois Ratzinger) was born on 16th April 1927 at Marktl-Am-Inn in Bavaria, Germany, at 0830 local time. He is due to touch down in the UK at 1030 am (British Summer Time) tomorrow – 16th September 2010 – at Edinburgh International Airport. Inputting this data into AstroDienst.com I have come up with a chart with which one can compare the Pope’s birth chart (inner ring) with the transits occurring during the visit (outer ring) – see diagram.

Generally speaking in astrological terms, there is a currently Square aspect between three planets. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Pisces: whilst Pluto squares both of them in Capricorn. What makes this interesting is that these three form a “T” with Pope Benedict’s ascendant – which itself is conjunct his natal Mars and Caput Draconis.

Uranus and Jupiter squaring his natal ascendant (etc) presages that Pope Benedict will manage to stir up a major incident of controversy or a crisis during this trip – relating to the nature of the his job as Pope. The Mars influence suggests that the Pope, blinded by overconfidence, will have an outburst of anger which will alienate a lot of people. The Caput Draconis influence indicates that this major incident will coincide with one of his public speeches which happens to be about a popular religious, philosophic, educational, or cultural trend.

We should not be surprised if Pope Benedict suffers some sort of accident involving physical injury during this visit.

As it happens, retrograde Neptune is conjunct his natal MC, and square to his natal Venus. The Pope may feel that he is in the middle of a career-crisis! The influence of his natal Venus is a strange one: were it not for the fact that the Pope is (supposedly) celibate, his chart would indicate now would be a good time for him to embark on a new love-affair!!

(This is what happens when you try to learn astrology from books intended for members of the general public, not the heads of major religions).

Pope Benedict’s apparent woes are reinfoced by Saturn transitting his 5th natal house. This indicates that he has issues over how deserving he is of attention from others, and he may feel unloved. (Compare this with the criticism that the Pope’s visit has been receiving from people such as Richard Dawkins, Peter Tatchell and Iain Paisley) However, the Pope also has a long-term opportunity to improve his standing and that of the church (nb: by long-term I mean it probably won’t occur during the duration of the visit itself, but only make itself apparent afterwards).

On the plus side, Pluto’s influence means that the Pope’s ambition and drive to succeed are incredibly strong now. He feels a compulsive need to achieve. The Pope may also find that some of the people he meets will turn out to be very important to him, and become hugely influential – even to the extent of presenting a new opportunity of mutual benefit to themselves and the Pontiff.

The conjunction of transitting Uranus & Jupiter with natal Mercury indicates that this is an auspicious time for the Pope to use his state visit as a public relations exercise. Specifically, he will find it easy to come up with new ideas, make decisions, deliver speeches, and generally put himself across. Also: his natal Venus, which is in his twelfth house (ruled by Mercury), will also be affected, so he will feel the need to promote and improve his relationships with others and to establish new ones as well. The internet and electronic-media will greatly help in this regard. I note that one of his plans is to visit a school assembly which will be broadcast live over the web.


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The Fool hath said in his heart, “There is no God.”

News today that Stephen Hawking has said God was not necessary for the Universe to be created. Actually it’s not news at all, he’s been saying this for a long time, it’s just that he’s got a book to promote. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

People like Hawking, Dawkins etc always fall into the same trap, no matter which side of the debate they are on, i.e. they assume that if God exists at all, then (a) He created the Universe; and (b) it must be the Judaeo-Christian-Islam model of God. Hence if there is no evidence that the Universe was created by anyone, they assume that God does not exist.

However,if one rejects the Judaeo-Christian-Islam model of God and substitute that of most Pagan religions, one finds that Hawking et al have nothing to say, because one realises that the existence of God does not depend upon Him / Her having created the Universe.

Most forms of Paganism, no matter how disparate, tend to follow the line that the current patron God(dess) of mankind is not the creator of the Universe at all, which was instead created by a more ancient or primordial force. For example: Zeus is the ruler of the Olympus not because he created the Universe but because he took over the role. Odin is the All-Father, not because He created the worlds, but because he is the mightiest of the Aesir.

Thus if Hawking etc were to say to a pagan, there is no evidence that God created the universe – therefore God does not exist – the pagan would send him away with laughter ringing in his ears.

In any case, we should remember that the “Supreme Creator” is only one aspect of Divinity. Another aspect, and one which is probably far more important to most people in their daily lives, is “Supreme Moral Authority,” given that most people are concerned with God’s existence to give meaning to their lives. Prove that there is a Supreme Moral Authority in the Universe and you have proved the existence of God in a far more meaningful and relevant way than any argument based on creationism. In fact – prove that Morality exists in objective terms, and Creationism can go hang altogether!


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Dawkins comes out as a religionist

Further to the developments in Haiti, Richard Dawkins has come out of the closet and revealed that he is in favour of religion after all! The Voodoo Religion that is – obviously it would be absurd if he had suddenly found the Lord and weighed in for the Christians.

I shit ye not! In the Punch Robertson controversy of Christianity vs Voodoo, Dawkins has come out in favour of Voodoo, as a way of getting back at Robertson and his brand of televangelism.

Dawkins used to be an evolutionary biologist – but now he is a gadfly. Oh the irony! 😉


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