The Astrology of the Pope’s Visit To Britain – Follow-up

Judging from the press coverage, most of the trip appears to have gone smoothly. I was predicting a major incident of controversy: the most controversial incident reported was that on the first day, Il Papa rather unkindly pointed out that it was atheist extremism which caused the atrocities of World War II, which apparently upset a lot of people like Richard Dawkins (probably because they realised they can’t keep going on about the wars fought in the name of religion anymore!). I’m surprised these militant atheists didn’t try to complain that the Pope had Godwinized the debate, as that’s the level of incisive rhetoric to which they usually ascend.

Accidents: none which were reported in the press. The nearest we got to one was prevented when the police arrested a gang of street cleaners who were allegedly plotting to assassinate the Pope.

Because my analysis was mainly based on the slow-moving planets, I calculate that the margin for error is approximately three months. That is to say: if the events predicted happen within the next three months, it is just about possible to say they were astrologically indicated, even though they did not occur within the time of the visit itself. If however nothing such happens between now and Christmas, we can reasonably say that Astrology failed to work on this occasion. Either that or the Holy Father read my blog and took steps to avert the omens.

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