Dawkins comes out as a religionist

Further to the developments in Haiti, Richard Dawkins has come out of the closet and revealed that he is in favour of religion after all! The Voodoo Religion that is – obviously it would be absurd if he had suddenly found the Lord and weighed in for the Christians.

I shit ye not! In the Punch Robertson controversy of Christianity vs Voodoo, Dawkins has come out in favour of Voodoo, as a way of getting back at Robertson and his brand of televangelism.

Dawkins used to be an evolutionary biologist – but now he is a gadfly. Oh the irony! 😉


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4 responses to “Dawkins comes out as a religionist

  1. Dimensio

    I have observed no advocacy of “Voodoo”, nor even usage of the word “Voodoo”, within the article, authored by Professor Dawkins, that has been referenced.

      • Dimensio

        I am unable to logically infer any reference to “Voodoo” within the article, either. Perhaps you should explain your assertion, rather than merely state it while providing neither explanation nor evidence.

      • Pat Robertson was commenting on the Haitian’s adoption of the Voodoo religion.
        Richard Dawkins was commenting on Pat Robertson.
        I was commenting on Richard Dawkins. The background may be discovered by following the hyperlinks.

        One should remember that Dawkins made his reputation as a scientist – but his behaviour in the present situation has not been Scientific so much as it has been an attack on Pat Robertson – and Christianity – on moral grounds. Voodoo however has not attracted Dawkins’ attention in this instance: hence I accuse Dawkins of bias in favour of Voodoo and against Christianity. I rather think that Dawkins chooses to latch onto Christianity when railing against religion, because other world beliefs do not make the same sort of assertions regarding e.g. creationism that Christianity does. Most pagan religions throughout the world, for example, do not bother to claim that the patron god of humanity is the same as the creator of the universe. Hence if Dawkins were to go up to them and say “I can prove that God did not create the Universe – therefore God does not exist,” they would laugh in his face and send him on his way.

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