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Wandering in darkness in search of Light

This is a response to Peregrin Wildoak’s Searching and landing – a MOTO review 🙂. It occurred to me it would be interesting to perform the same sort of exercise, to see what kind of search terms are leading people to my own website.

The Top Ten

Here are the top ten search terms used in the past year. In hit-parade style, they are:

10 – love in hebrew

9 – famous thelemites

8 – ehnb

7 – adonai ha aretz

6 – sol ascendans

5 – money logo

4 – books

3 – alex sumner

2 – horn of prosperity

1 – Pentagram

Obviously I have a more intelligent class of people come to my blog – all the freaky ones must go to Magic of the Ordinary! However, looking through my list, there are some bizarre search terms, to wit:

invocation to lesser key of solomon for winning lottery jackpot – yes, someone out there has actually considered using the Goetia to win the National Lottery.

blank cheque god

http://www.facebook.com – Now this is impressive – someone was searching for the world’s most famous website and they found mine instead! Mind you it must take a special kind of idiot to not succeed in searching for Facebook even when you have the full web-address!

dracula illuminati

monty python and the holy grail she’s a witch – well, she looks like a witch, doesn’t she?

thong girl / thong bikinis brazil / trip to brasil thong / thong brazilian bikinis / etc – OK I know what this is about. I blogged about my books now being available via Amazon in Brazil, and may have just mentioned thongs, purely by accident and certainly not in a cynical attempt to attract traffic to this website.

hong sau satanism – not two terms one would expect to find together in the same search – “hong sau” being a simple Yogic method of meditating on the breath.

what tarot key is the month of june – surreal!

jared diamond it’s irrational to be religious arguments – this would actually make more sense if I had ever mentioned Jared Diamond on my website.

jonathan cainer becomes a druid – this is what happens when you just happen to mention Jonathan Cainer the astrologer in passing in one blog post, and then you mention druids in a completely different blog post! The Google search algorhythm managed to conflate the two and come up with my website.

fay weldon jehovah – what – someone was actually searching for both Fay Weldon and Jehovah in the same search term?


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