Secret Chief Sweep-stake!

Nick Farrell has unearthed a hastily suppressed post by David Griffin claiming that the latter is going to name the secret puppet-master behind the Golden Dawn, but tantalisingly not revealing the name until the next post. Ooh, the anticipation! I was almost seriously tempted to subscribe to Griffin’s blog to find out more …

… But then I had a much better idea! It is (drum-roll) THE SECRET CHIEF SWEEP-STAKE. We each come in by picking whom we predict DG is going to name as the Capo Di Tutti Capi. The prize for winning is that everyone else has to buy a copy of one their books.

Nothing personal against DG, but because he actually knows the answer he is excluded from the competition. 🙂

I go first: I bags Bob Gilbert.


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3 responses to “Secret Chief Sweep-stake!

  1. mgb

    I suspect that the Secret Chief Sweepstake Winner will be none other than Michael Jackson!
    He has all the makings of a great secret chief:
    1) he’s dead
    2) he’s a Virgo (Mercury-ruled sign for magick, communications from beyond, etc )
    3) he’s from Indiana! (home of many esoteric personages such as Edgar Allan Poe, Kurt Vonnegut, and, er… James Dean.)
    4) He was born on 29th August – a birth date for many illustrious masters of the occult.
    5) He has authoured many advanced Enochian grimoires and Alchemical manuscripts for Adept-level workings. (just joking!)
    6) Finally… he’s/was a great dancer… good moves have got to be a prerequisite for a Secret Chief.

  2. B. Archer

    I agree with the Bob, but not Gilbert. I’m putting my money on Zink. What a twist, right? Those two are two sides of the same coin.

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