Alex Sumner Brings Peace to the Golden Dawn Flame Wars

This is an update to the post Secret Chief Sweep-stake! After several weeks  trying to increase traffic to his website *cough* I mean “keeping the Golden Dawn community on tenterhooks,” David Griffin has finally named the mysterious individual that he had been threatening to reveal to the world and it turns out to be none other than… Nick Farrell.

I can honestly say that I never saw that one coming! More to the point, neither did anyone who commented on my blog or contacted me privately did so either, so unfortunately the contest has to be declared null and void. However, this brings me to a serious point: the Golden Dawn Flame War has got to stop! And to this end, I make the following pledge:

In order to end the rivalry between the David Griffin’s and Nick Farrell’s respective orders I, Alex Sumner, undertake to give free, independent and unbiased advice to prospective new members over which order to join. Anyone seeking initiation should contact me privately for further details.

There! I confidently predict both antagonists will now cease attacking each other. By the way, if any leader of a GD order wants to convince me why I should push a candidate towards one order rather than the other, I am now accepting bribes by PayPal – please click on the Alex Sumner Appreciation Fund button which is somewhere in the navigation bar. 😉

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