The Assumption of God Forms

This post is a reply to a comment of Facebook by Sorita D’Este regarding the Assumption of God Forms – specifically, how this is done in the Golden Dawn tradition. My position is: the assumption of a God form is a combination of both Invocation and Evocation – my reasons for saying so being as follows:

The actual technique in use in modern GD temples is confidential information, although a greatly simplified version is sort-of-alluded-to in Self-initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Chic and Tabatha Cicero. Essentially, the magician starts off by using a series of magical techniques to evoke an astral-form of the deity in question standing (or indeed sitting) in front of him- or herself. The magician then steps into the astral-form, as if wearing it – at the same time attempting to link his or her consciousness with that of the deity. This “linking of consciousness,” I submit, amounts to invocation of the powers which the God-form represents. The magician would then do whatever he/she needs to do, such as perform ritual or meditate, before ending the session by de-linking, stepping out of the form, and absorbing it back into oneself.

This amounts to more than just “porting” an entity from one area of the individual’s consciousness to another, in that one of the peculiarities of the Golden Dawn (specifically the Neophyte ceremony) the God-forms are evoked by one set of officers (the adepts) to be worn (invoked) by another (the floor officers). You might well think this is overly-sophisticated, but going through the whole procedure of building up a God-form and then assuming it does produce a palpable change in mental state, a magical state of consciousness, which cannot be dismissed lightly.

In my opinion, the old cliché about “invoking” being about calling something into something or oneself and “evoking” being calling something out of oneself is based on the fallacy that the Inside and the Outside are somehow detached from one another. In a Golden Dawn ceremony one can both Invoke an Evoked Power and Evoke an Invoked Power in the same ceremony, even switching between the two (e.g. the way that the Hierophant and Past Hierophant juggle god-forms during the Neophyte ceremony). I really think we should abandon the phrases Invoking and Evoking, and just call it “Voking.”

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  1. Great post, Alex. Good points and well explained. Voking to me just sounds too much like an STD 🙂

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