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What the Stars Have in Store for… the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin
Putin vs Zelenskiy – there’s only one way to settle this. FIIIGHT!

MI6 – CIA – stand aside! Read the only military Intel you will ever need right here, provided by your humble blogmaster. Today, I turn my astrological eye on the activities happening in the Ukraine, by analysing a chart drawn up for the moment Russian troops crossed the border into Ukrainian territory earlier this week.

Chart drawn up for Donetsk in eastern Ukraine, 21st February 2022 at 0500 (local time) – when Putin announced Russian incursion.

We can use the position of Luna to analyse how this situation arose in the first place. Luna is exactly 150º past Caput Draconis, in a Cardinal sign and succedent house. Hence, the root-reason for this invasion is an event which took place 150 weeks ago, i.e., in April 2019. This is the exact time that the current Ukrainian President, Volodomyr Zelenskiy, was elected. In fact it is 150 weeks to the day (21st April 2019).

The sunrise in Donetsk on Monday this week was at 0733, whilst the preceding sunset was 1758. Hence, we can calculate that the announcement of Russian troops entering Ukraine territory occurred during the planetary hour of Sol. Coincidentally, the waning moon is trine to Sol. In other words, if I were asked to use my powers of Electional Astrology to pick a time to do a Solar Banishing, I would have picked that very moment. (NB: Putin certainly did not ask me to predict the best time to invade Ukraine, though whether he had his own astrological help is another matter).

Given that in mundane Astrology, Sol represents the Government, combined with the analysis of Luna, I would go so far as to say that Putin’s real objective is to depose the Ukrainian Government – and President Zelenskiy in particular – and install a pro-Putin replacement, effectively making the Ukraine a Russian client-state. We can thus guess exactly how Russia sees its “diplomacy” going (i.e. you get rid of your President, and we’ll withdraw our troops).

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The Ukrainian Pentagram Ritual

Political Map of Ukraine


  1. Stand facing east.
  2. Close your eyes, and visualise yourself standing in the middle of the country of Ukraine – somewhere near Cherkasy (see map). Now imagine that your astral form grows to a colossal height – so much so, that you can look round and see all of the territory of Ukraine around you.
  3. Perform the Qabalistic Cross: ATEH MALKUTH VE GEBURAH VE GEDULAH LE-OLAM. AMEN!
  4. Trace a banishing Pentagram to the East, imagining it standing on the Eastern border of the country, with Russia. Vibrate: YOD HEH VAV HEH!

    banishing earth pentagram

    Banishing pentagram. Start from the lower left point and continue around, finishing where you started.

  5. Turn to the South. Trace another banishing pentagram over the Black Sea. Vibrate: ADONAI!
  6. Turn to the West. Trace another banishing pentagram on the Slovakia / Poland border. Vibrate: EHEIEH!
  7. Turn to the North. Trace a fourth banishing pentagram on the border with Belarus. Vibrate: AGLA!
  8. Turn to face East again. Imagine that a ring of light surrounds you, connecting the four pentagrams.
  9. Visualise, in the east, a giant angelic figure, wearing shining yellow robes, edged in purple. He is surrounded by clouds, and he holds a dagger. Say: “Before me, guarding the Russian Border, stands RAPHAEL!
  10. Imagine that behind you another giant angelic figure stands. He has robes of electric blue, edged in orange. He holds a giant Chalice. Say: “Behind me, guarding the approaches from Central Europe, stands GABRIEL!
  11. Visualise a third giant Angel on your right. He wears robes of bright red, edged in green, and is surrounded by flames. He holds a large red Fire Wand. Say: “To my right, guarding the Crimea and the Black Sea coast, is MICHAEL!
  12. Visualise a fourth giant Angel on your left. He wears multi-coloured robes of citrine, olive, russet and black, and holds a giant Pentacle. Say: “To my left, guarding the approaches from Belarus and the north-eastern border with Russia, stands AURIEL!
  13. Now visualise the pentagrams, and the ring of light connecting them, glowing brighter than ever before – so bright that you can imagine it hurting your eyes to look upon. Say: “For around the whole country of Ukraine flames the Pentagrams!”
  14. Above your head, imagine a shining white Hexagram. Say: “And above Ukraine shines the six-rayed star!”
  15. Repeat the Qabalistic Cross.


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What The Stars Have in Store for … Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin

What with three members of Pussy Riot being jailed in Russia, I thought it would be a good time to bring my powers of Astrology to bear on what will happen to Vladimir Putin, and guess what! His fate is writ in the heavens!

Background: Vladimir Putin

Putin, born 7th October 1952 in St Petersburg (or Leningrad as it was) has a Stellium i.e. a three-way conjunction prominently in his birth chart: Sun, Mercury and Saturn are all in Libra. This is actually a Quadrivium, if you include Neptune as well.

Unfortunately, right at this moment, both Saturn and Mars are in conjunction in Libra, which means that both these planets are transiting this Stellium – hence now is a time for major upsets in Putin’s life. So for example his second Saturn return – which marks the transition from maturity into old age – is taking place at a time when he is finding it a tough time to get his ideas across and present himself in a favourable light (Saturn – Mercury transit) which ironically is what is most important to him right now (Saturn – Sun transit). However, the influence of Mars transiting this Stellium means that he wants to battle every problem he comes up against. Although he’s facing all these difficulties, he wants to throw a lot of energy into solving them nonetheless.

Horary question: “What will happen to Vladimir Putin?”

This being the case, after having made a note of his transits, I went on to make a Horary divination, based upon the question “What will happen to Vladimir Putin?” The time, date and place for the question was today, 18th August 2012, 1048 British Summer Time (0948 GMT), Essex, UK. In the diagram below the stars and planets relating the Horary question itself are in the outer ring, whilst Putin’s natal chart is in the inner ring for comparison.

Stars for 18th August 2012 + Putin's birth chard

Outer ring (red): the stars for 18th August 2012
Inner ring (blue): Vladimir Putin’s natal chart (7th October 1952, St Petersburg)

The position of Luna (outer ring, in red) indicates the circumstances of the origin of the question. This is square to Jupiter, the planet of Rulers, suggesting that (surprise, surprise) the responsibilities of statesmanship have pushed Putin into his current troubles. This is in a succedent house and a mutable sign: and given that it is nine degrees past the Sun, this would indicate Putin’s current problems relate to something which happened just over nine years ago (29th – 30th March 2003). In other words, the Pussy Riot incident is only the most recent manifestation of a situation which has been many years in the making. Checking back on Wikipedia would suggest that the most important thing that Putin was involved in round about that time was the Chechnya situation: a new constitution was enacted in Chechnya on 22nd March 2003 by a pro-Moscow government which would give Chechnya limited autonomy whilst remaining most definitely under Russian (Putin’s) hegemony. However, before one says that Putin’s problems were caused by this or that, one should also note that Luna is opposed by Neptune, the planet of illusions, implying that the full details of Putin’s real predicament is being concealed from the public at large – and from the world’s media.

Putin himself is represented by the descendant, the Lord of which is Mars. As noted earlier, this is conjunct Saturn. I uncovered this quote regarding Saturn / Mars conjunctions:

“Generally you feel that endings and beginnings are the pits. When you see the end coming you resist, and when you feel some new idea about to take hold, you resist. Your life of resistance prevents you from the rate of progress you deserve, and you need to lighten up.”

If this does not describe Putin’s relation to the Presidency, nothing does! He stubbornly clings on to power because he is afraid to lose it, but ironically it will only be by retiring that Putin will achieve his full potential as a human being.

As regards the end of the matter, this is shown by the fourth house. In regards to the question itself, this is Capricorn whose ruler is Saturn, the planet of endings! Saturn has already been mentioned above, in regards to his transits: I would therefore predict that Putin is doomed to be permanently affected by his current problems – his negative public image, his worry about what other people think about him, his advance into old age – and is not going to recover from them. This being conjunct Mars suggests that the only possible solution is to retire gracefully, to avoid a personal calamity through stubbornly clinging on to power.

Alternatively one could argue that the fourth house in relation to Putin himself (who is represented by the descendant) is Cancer, ruled by the Moon, indicating that Putin is going to be continually harassed by the problems of statesmanship for as long as he choses to remain President.

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