The Ukrainian Pentagram Ritual

Political Map of Ukraine


  1. Stand facing east.
  2. Close your eyes, and visualise yourself standing in the middle of the country of Ukraine – somewhere near Cherkasy (see map). Now imagine that your astral form grows to a colossal height – so much so, that you can look round and see all of the territory of Ukraine around you.
  3. Perform the Qabalistic Cross: ATEH MALKUTH VE GEBURAH VE GEDULAH LE-OLAM. AMEN!
  4. Trace a banishing Pentagram to the East, imagining it standing on the Eastern border of the country, with Russia. Vibrate: YOD HEH VAV HEH!

    banishing earth pentagram

    Banishing pentagram. Start from the lower left point and continue around, finishing where you started.

  5. Turn to the South. Trace another banishing pentagram over the Black Sea. Vibrate: ADONAI!
  6. Turn to the West. Trace another banishing pentagram on the Slovakia / Poland border. Vibrate: EHEIEH!
  7. Turn to the North. Trace a fourth banishing pentagram on the border with Belarus. Vibrate: AGLA!
  8. Turn to face East again. Imagine that a ring of light surrounds you, connecting the four pentagrams.
  9. Visualise, in the east, a giant angelic figure, wearing shining yellow robes, edged in purple. He is surrounded by clouds, and he holds a dagger. Say: “Before me, guarding the Russian Border, stands RAPHAEL!
  10. Imagine that behind you another giant angelic figure stands. He has robes of electric blue, edged in orange. He holds a giant Chalice. Say: “Behind me, guarding the approaches from Central Europe, stands GABRIEL!
  11. Visualise a third giant Angel on your right. He wears robes of bright red, edged in green, and is surrounded by flames. He holds a large red Fire Wand. Say: “To my right, guarding the Crimea and the Black Sea coast, is MICHAEL!
  12. Visualise a fourth giant Angel on your left. He wears multi-coloured robes of citrine, olive, russet and black, and holds a giant Pentacle. Say: “To my left, guarding the approaches from Belarus and the north-eastern border with Russia, stands AURIEL!
  13. Now visualise the pentagrams, and the ring of light connecting them, glowing brighter than ever before – so bright that you can imagine it hurting your eyes to look upon. Say: “For around the whole country of Ukraine flames the Pentagrams!”
  14. Above your head, imagine a shining white Hexagram. Say: “And above Ukraine shines the six-rayed star!”
  15. Repeat the Qabalistic Cross.


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8 responses to “The Ukrainian Pentagram Ritual

  1. Peregrin

    Alex, I have to be honest and confess I have not followed this ‘crisis’ well at all; it is hardly reported at all in the Australia media. My efforts have been focused elsewhere. Assuming this is not some in-joke or satire which I have not ‘got’, I think this is a bloody good idea.

    I am assuming this will not work as well, doing the LRP southern-hemisphere style? 😉 Had to ask. 🙂

    • The distance from Ukraine to England is about half the distance of Perth to Sydney. Imagine how anxious you would be if Word War III broke out on the east coast of Australia, and then double that – and you will begin to understand how concerned most people in UK and western Europe are about the Ukraine situation.

      As to my thoughts on where pentagrams should go, my views are expressed here.

  2. Ian

    Peregrin, I’m even closer than Alex in UK, being on the Italo-French border. The situation in Ukraine is at such a taut stretching-point that it only needs one bullet fired in anger to set off the whole shooting gallery. You might take a look at youtube shots of “Maidan events”, and “Crimea situation”.

    As for the specific ritual that Alex sets out, I tend to insert a specific “pentacle” working after no. 14, say for example draw out the shape of the country and insert emblems on the drawing, to have a permanent record.

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    • Unless you understand the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, on which this ritual is based, it is probably not wise for you to comment on the appropriateness or lack thereof of any given pentagram.

  5. Reblogged this on Sol Ascendans – The Website of Alex Sumner and commented:

    As relevant today as it was eight years ago when I first posted this…

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