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River Song (from Doctor Who)

Spoilers, Sweetie!

This blog post argues a point of view which will upset a whole load of Doctor Who fans! But before I get to the controversial bit –

“Alex, do you believe it is possible to prophesy the future?” a gentleman asked – about five minutes after I guessed that he would. 😉 This got me thinking: although I keep talking about astrology, tarot and what-not, what evidence do I really have to say that predicting the future is in fact possible?

The fact is that on rare occasions I have had precognitive dreams which have been accurate in a general sense. However I would have to qualify this assertion with two important points. An example I most remember was I wanted to know how a meeting with a certain person would turn out. I therefore, whilst having a lucid dream, willed myself to travel forward in time to the meeting and spatially to where it was due to take place. The demeanour and behaviour of the person as I experienced it in my dream turned out to be an accurate indication of what later transpired at the actual meeting – however, the precise detail of the words spoken was not.

On another occasion, I once dreamed vividly, a propos of nothing, of Yorkshire Pudding. That evening I visited my parents’ house for dinner, when they served up Toad In The Hole – which, of course, is made with Yorkshire Pudding. A friend to whom I told this anecdote said that he would have been freaked out if it had occurred to him, but I was made of sterner stuff, and not to be put off by a load of sausages!

The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Aspects of the Extended Mind, by Rupert Sheldrake

Hence: my first qualification is that the only instances of precognition which I have had have been accurate to generalities, but not to specifics. This is why I am not currently a Lottery millionaire. I would love to know whether it is possible to get specifics – for what should be obvious reasons! On a more serious note, this also serves to confirm why precognition is so bad at predicting disasters. In his book The Sense Of Being Stared At, Rupert Sheldrake describes research he carried out on precognition after 9/11. His results were that there were plenty of people who had a feeling that something was going to happen, but few could say exactly what. And as for the few who predicted something bad about the World Trade Centre, there was nothing to indicate – prior to the event itself – why those predictions should be believed and why predictions naming any of the other skyscrapers in New York should not. Based on the precognitive information available prior to 9/11, it would have been impossible to avert disaster without evacuating every high-rise building in Manhattan.

Likewise, in my own attempts at astrology and current events in North Korea, whilst I accurately predicted violence against those involved in communication and the media, I was not able to predict exactly who the regimes first victims would be. However, it does not take the world’s greatest psychic to say: if you are involved in any way with the media, or with communication or entertainment, and you happen to be in North Korea – you should get out now if you have not already done so.

The second qualification I would have to make is that as far as my precognitive dreams were concerned, they were about events in which I was personally involved. I do not know if it is possible to be completely objective about these things, which is why something like astrology has appeal.

I have a theory why the Future can never be predicted with 100% accuracy, and it has nothing to do with the fact that all systems of divination are a load of cobblers. It is this:


What’s more,



Think about: we talk about the Past and the Future as if they are places, but the single observable fact about Time is that it is never measured at any point other than the Present. The only sense in which the Past and Future can exist is as a memory (in the case of the former) and a potentiality (in the case of the latter) – but in both instances, the Memory and the Potentiality themselves exist only in the Present.

Thus, Divination, precognition, etc, does not work by foretelling the future, but by accessing implicate parts of the Present. By identifying Present-Causes – some of which may be considerably more esoteric than others – we can speculate what the Effects will be when the Present transforms into the moment that the Effect occurs.

To say that the Future is fixed would be like saying that an event has happened in a place where it has not happened.

Likewise, when in Golden Dawn magick one travels through time and space and across dimensions to the Hall of Judgement in the Egyptian After-life, this is not to be thought of as something which once existed thousands of years ago, but which exists NOW, in a magical region of the Present.

By positing that neither the Future nor the Past exist per se, one is able to neatly explain every time travel paradox put forward by scientists. Why have we not seen tourists from the future who have travelled back in Time? Given that the future has not occurred, there is no place from which to travel back! Likewise the Grandfather paradox is actually a fallacy, because it is not possible to travel back to somewhere that has ceased to exist.

Now, you may begin to see the problem with Doctor Who! Whilst the postulate that “neither the past nor future exist as places to one which can travel” would neatly explain the observed facts of time-measurement, it would totally rip the guts out of any science-fiction based upon time-travel. Unless of course it were predicated upon some fantastic method of transforming the Present.

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Happy St John’s Day! .’.

FreemasonryToday, the 24th June, in the Christian calendar is the feast of St John the Baptist. It is also the anniversary of the founding of the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in England. It is now referred to as the “Premier Grand Lodge” although this is a ret-con in light of later developments. 😉

It is not the anniversary of Freemasonry in England, as Elias Ashmole claimed to have been made a mason during the era of the Civil War in the previous century. The first official Masonic publication, Anderson’s Constitutions (1720), claims that it thrived during the latter part of the 17th century (even including Sir Christopher Wren as one of its prominent members), suffered a lull roundabout the time of the first Jacobite rebellion (1715) – whereupon, the existing lodges in London decided to get their act together and formed a Grand Lodge.

Neither, for that matter, is it the anniversary of Freemasonry itself. There are lodges in Scotland which date back to the mid 16th century. Indeed I once met a Brother who said his mother lodge still had a minute book dating back to 1560 or thereabouts. Unfortunately he later said that his lodge had lent it out to someone who had not returned it. D’oh! 😦

Anywho, I have therefore decided to bring my astrological powers to bear by casting a chart for the “birth” of the Premier Grand Lodge.

Chart for the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, 24th June 1717, London. Time approximated to 6pm.

Chart for the formation of the Premier Grand Lodge of England, 24th June 1717, London.
Time approximated to 6pm.

In the above chart I have estimated the time of “birth” to 6pm, given that the aforesaid Anderson’s Constitutions says that the four lodges which met at the Goose & Grid Iron that day were primarily meeting for dinner. I therefore opted for earlier in the evening, as any later a bunch of Freemasons in a pub would have been in no fit state to form anything. 😉

By looking at the chart we immediately notice that Premier Grand Lodge is Sun Cancer, Moon Capricorn – its first meeting was the very day after the full moon. Of this combination it is said:

The combination of your Sun and Moon signs produces a good deal of ambition and determination in your personality. Yet this is well disguised in a mask of congeniality and understanding.


You are well equipped for a role in some type of public or official responsibility, and apt to gain recognition for your work in this regard. Prestige and status are likely to flow your way if you make any effort to achieve before the public.

And even:

You appreciate the value of a dollar, but you’re not likely to spare cost when it comes to obtaining quality for your investment. A high degree of self-discipline allows you to save or even hoard money for that rainy day … You know how to drive a hard bargain with a smile on your face, and you have a keen sense for understanding people and instinctively sensing their motives.

By way of comparison, cool people born with this combination include scientists such as Rupert Sheldrake and Stanislav Grof, celebrities such as Julius Caesar, and world leaders such as Liv Tyler.

Liv Tyler. Yes this is relevant to this article!

Liv Tyler. Yes this is relevant to this article!

Moving on, we also notice that there is a T formation in the chart, between a conjunction of Sun / Venus / Jupiter, Caput Draconis, and the Moon. This would be a grand cross if we counted the Cauda Draconis as well. This would indicate that Grand Lodge’s “destiny” is to seek to achieve the “love and harmony which should at all times characterise Freemasons” (Caput Draconis in Libra). However, its fall-back position to which it may feel tempted to revert is that of a brash, power-hungry mentality.

It feels under pressure to achieve this love and harmony by works which increase the self-esteem, pleasure and good fortune of its members. However it feels it needs to balance this against a sense of propriety. This prudishness causes it to act in an authoritarian manner at times, making it want to dictate the enjoyment experienced by it members on its own terms.

So I wish all Brethren well this day, and remember that it is our destiny to succeed in the noble ideals on which the Craft was founded.

In memoriam: Michael Baigent, 1948 – 2013, former editor of Freemasonry Today and tireless campaigner to uphold the traditional standards of Masonry.

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