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Are psychics the new detectives? – Lifestyle – DNA

Are psychics the new detectives? – Lifestyle – DNA.

Apparently Tarot Readers in India are being asked to investigate whether their client’s significant other is cheating on them! Unfortunately the article is short on technical data like which spread to use, etc. Obviously they don’t want to give away their trade secrets. :-/

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Namaste, India! (Again)

The flag of India

Namaste 🙂

People of India, rejoice! Whereas before you had to buy your Amazon Kindle books from the US Version of the site, you now have the opportunity to do so from your own version, www.amazon.in

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Om Tat Sat

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LoveFriday2011 – Addendum

By way of follow-up to my post on Wills’ & Kate’s wedding and on LoveFriday2011, I have the following interesting bit of news to report. Soon after I posted the LoveFriday2011 article I was contacted by a researcher from the BBC World Service, and ended up giving a radio interview! It was a debate between myself and a Jyotish chap from Delhi. Apparently according to his take on astrology, Friday April 29th (St Catherine’s Day – get it?) was 75% auspicious. However, when I looked at it from the viewpoint of a Western Astrologer, there was one big black mark as far as I could see – retrograde Saturn was in opposition to about 5 planets – two of which were Venus and Mercury.

The chap from India had not taken Saturn’s position into account, and in fact claimed that it was not usual in Indian Astrology to do so. I am no expert in Jyotisa although it struck me that this was a major difference between the Indian and the Western traditions.

The radio presenter challenged us to predict the weather on April 29th – the Indian chap said that he theoretically could but it would take him some time. I on the other hand politely declined to do so. 😉


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