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This is an experimental video project. The soundtrack is an “isochronic tone” intended to aid “Manifestation” (cosmic ordering, creative visualisation, “the Secret” etc). The images are selected to represent positive goals which will benefit both the individual and the whole planet, e.g.

* Success (sporting endeavour)
* Abundance
* Love
* Peace
* Respect (for others and for the planet)

Recommended for meditation.

No copyright intended: all sounds and images are copyright the respective owners.

Isochronic tones available from:

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January 1, 2018 · 12:00 am

Are psychics the new detectives? – Lifestyle – DNA

Are psychics the new detectives? – Lifestyle – DNA.

Apparently Tarot Readers in India are being asked to investigate whether their client’s significant other is cheating on them! Unfortunately the article is short on technical data like which spread to use, etc. Obviously they don’t want to give away their trade secrets. :-/

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Love Friday 2013 (vlog)

In which I announce the date of the most favourable day this year for invoking the planet Venus, the planet of Love and Romance: FRIDAY 22ND MARCH 2013.


March 18, 2013 · 10:38 pm