Monthly Mystical Alex Sumner Abramelin

In which I talk to Jacqueline Wilson of Magic Tool Box UK about all things Abramelin. You actually get to see what I look like in real life in this video, so those of a nervous disposition may want to look away now.


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3 responses to “Monthly Mystical Alex Sumner Abramelin

  1. tim flannery

    Excellent conversation about Abramelin’s grimoire which almost convinced me that even I could undertake the practice. I was particularly impressed by the impression you gave of the operation being an attainable spiritual practice useable by and useful to, most people. Do you really think the system can be undertaken successfully by a magician without your twenty-five years experience of ritual magic at the beginning of their career? If so what is the point of the GD system when one has one’s HGD as spiritual guide, philosopher and friend?

    • Abramelin does not take 25 years of prior experience in order to begin, although one would find it easier with some familiarity with ritual and meditation. As it happened, practice of Golden Dawn magick gave me that familiarity.

      The Abramelin Operation itself is the beginning. The implication of the book is that when one attains Knowledge & Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel that is just the start of one’s career as a ceremonial magician, so ideally it’s best to get it whilst one is still a young man. 🙂

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