Voodoo Economics

News today that after the Witch population of Romania attempted to put a hex on the government there for making witchcraft taxable, the legislature is retaliating by proposing a new law. If passed, it will punish soothsayers and fortune tellers if their predictions don’t come true. Needless to say this has grossly offended the local Witch population, with one even exclaiming of the proposed new law: “I will fight until my last breath for this not to be passed.”

Now let’s examine this in more detail. On the one hand, the Romanian government is saying to these women that they have to pay income tax whereas they did not before – if their predictions are correct. However, if their predictions are false they can be fined or sent to prison! Trial by ducking stool would be fairer than this.

Moreover though, consider this. The advice of a professional racing tipster or stock-market analyst is just as much conjecture as that of a Witch – with the possible difference that one conjecture is less superstitious than the other. However, neither the tipster nor the analyst goes to jail if he makes a mistake – so why should the Witch?


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3 responses to “Voodoo Economics

  1. Well if this isn’t discrimination then I don’t know what is.

    • We should remember that it is still only a proposal for legislation at this stage. Obviously if it goes through there will be more to say on the matter, although I think people shouldn’t wait – they should get their curses *ahem* I mean “binding spells” in now.

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