Voodoo Economics Part 2

The Sumner family Brain-cell has worked out a cunning plan for how the Witches in Romania can get back at their government. One of the Witches needs to get herself put on trial. She then offers to demonstrate to the court that she is genuine. Assuming the Judge is gullible, he says yes, whereupon the Witch delivers the punchline: “I predict that I will be found guilty and convicted.”

Remember the proposed new law threatens to punish fortune tellers if their predictions turn out incorrectly, this will cause the Judge’s brain to explode as he tries to work out the paradox. Moreover, the Witch will not be stuck in an endless Groundhog Day loop or pantomime of “You’re guilty! Oh no you’re not! Oh yes you are” etc because of the double-jeopardy rule.

Another witchy problem solved by Yours truly! 😉

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