Catholic Church upsets Wiccans; Daily Mail upsets Harry Potter Fans

Independent Roman Catholic publisher of pamphlets, “The Catholic Truth Society,” has come up with a “helpful” guide on how to bring witches and wiccans to Christ and His Church. It is called Wicca and Witchcraft: Understanding the Dangers, and is written by a former witch who was apparently saved for the Lord. I note that from the blurb it tries to answer why young people are attracted to Wicca – as if it is only a youth fad and of no interest to adults!

Honestly! As every pagan knows: no witch would ever disgrace herself by writing such an egregious book attempting to convert teenage Christians to Witchcraft.

Inevitably though, the cauldron of controversy surrounding this story has been stirred up by Nazi propaganda rag and Britain’s most anti-Pagan newspaper, the Daily Mail – in a piece entitled How to cure a witch: Catholic Church issues guide in Britain to turn the tables on Harry Potter. Now examine this headline once again. First of all there is the absurdity of the Daily Mail turning the issue from Christianity vs Wicca to Christianity vs Harry Potter (why? what has the Mail got against Harry Potter?). More sinisterly though, there is that word – “cure.” The CTS talks about evangelizing and prosetylising, the Daily Mail talks about “curing.” IMHO, if the Catholic Church wants to retain any semblance of credibility it should dissocciate itself from the Daily Mail which seems to be pursuing its own incoherent anti-pagan agenda.


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3 responses to “Catholic Church upsets Wiccans; Daily Mail upsets Harry Potter Fans

  1. Some of the people who practice my initiatory religion never fail to amuse me with their ignorance. So, what, Joseph wasn’t a magician who practiced dreamwork and divination? And Jesus was never depicted with a magic wand? And I am not communicating with the divine? Lol. Not every Catholic is like that… some of us know there is truth in every tradition. I am surprised some of these weirdos manage to get books out there and published! What, did someone owe them a favor?

  2. The Daily Mail and the Daily Prophet are both controlled by the Ministry of Magic—and we all know that Harry Potter is asled in the brain. (Guess what book I am currently reading.)

  3. It appears that the author of the pamphlet in question has explained herself. She says that her first and indeed sole attraction to Wicca was Silver Ravenwolf. Thus she came to denounce Wicca and convert to Christianity in short order. *shakes head*

    See: How a ‘teen witch’ found the Church.

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