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The Age of Miracles

11 million adults in the UK are potentially interested in the Tarot! © Alex Sumner 2013

11 million adults in the UK are potentially interested in the Tarot!
© Alex Sumner 2013

News today that Britons still believe in miracles, angels and ‘spiritual forces’. From a sample of 2000 people, the following numbers were crunched:

% of the population who think spiritual forces have no influence on earth: 25%

% of Christians who think such spiritual forces can influence people’s thoughts or the human or natural world: 62%

% of non-religious people who think the same: 35%

% of people who said they or someone they knew had experienced a miracle: 16% – including 8% non-religious people.


More interestingly though (from my point of view), the full report also says:

Nearly a quarter (23%) of people say they have had their tarot cards read, whilst 17% have had their star sign read, and 12% have had a reflexology session.

  • Smaller numbers had experienced more esoteric spiritual experiences, such as having a reiki session (8%), having their aura read (6%), or healing with crystals (5%).
  • Women are considerably more likely than men to undergo these experiences (51% vs. 26%).
  • Interestingly, while 39% of the overall population admits to having undergone at least one of these experiences, so do 38% of the non-religious(compared to 40% of the religious). When it comes to these more obviously non-religious spiritual activities, there appears to be no difference according to whether someone is religious or not.


The United Kingdom is a nation of 63 million – including 49 million adults. Hence assuming that the sample reflects the nation as a whole, that means that 11 million adults have had or are likely to have their Tarot cards read. To those 11 million people I say: I can be contacted via this website and my rates are very reasonable. 😉

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© Alex Sumner 2013

© Alex Sumner 2013

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