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Invasion of Libya Predicted by Astrology

In my blog-post How To Predict The General Election Result Part 3, posted in May 2010, I wrote, regarding the day of the UK general election:

On May 6th itself there will be a T between the Moon, Sun and Mars: i.e. the Moon is square to the Sun, which is square to Mars, which is in opposition to the Moon. The people (Moon) will be challenging the Government (Sun) to action, but warfare etc (Mars) will be holding it back – which in turn will upset everyone. Whoever wins on Thursday is going to have a tough time of it in the new parliament.

What now follows I guess critics will probably say is an exercise in retrocognition, but the fact is that roundabout the same time as I posted on this my blog, I went to some smart reception or other in London – as you do – and having invoked Dionysus several times I boldly expostulated on my further thoughts on the situation. The astrological figure for the day of the 2010 General Election was effectively the day on which the present Parliament was “born” – hence, factors indicated on that horoscope also represented influences on the life of the forthcoming Government.

Therefore, I held forth to my rapt companion at the time, because Mars was in such an awkward position in relation to the Sun and Moon, I predicted that the warfare of which I had written in my blog-post referred to warfare taking place in the new Parliament. I.e. not just continuation of the warfare then going on, but a major escalation, such as the opening of hostilities on a brand new front.

I did not mention Libya by name at the time. So before you say “Alex conned us by using a deliberately sensational blog-title to induce us to read this,” please bear in mind the following important point: it was the fact the new Government would get involved in new hostilities which could have been predicted, rather than with a specific country per se. I dread to say that it was inevitable, because theoretically the Government could have chosen to avert this particular outcome – or perhaps they knew it was likely and so did it anyway. The Government does not appear to make a habit of listening to astrologers – after all, they have not indicated they are going to take me up on my suggestion regarding Ebooks (yet).


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