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Interview With A Past Life Therapist

Daniella Batham, Past Life Therapist

Daniella, Past Life Therapist

Daniella is a practising past life regression therapist, and in the course of her work she makes use of energy clearing, hypnosis, karma clearing, Neuro linguistic programming, shamanic healing, guided imagery, affirmations, and many other techniques. She also uses evolutionary astrology to establish karmic patterns, and very often involve more esoteric techniques such as spirit release, soul retrieval and ancestral healing. I interview.

How would you say our own past-life experiences have led you to where you are now?

One of the earliest experiences of reincarnation in this life was when I was one. I remember my mother trying to take a photo of me sitting in that old fashioned push chair. I started looking at my foot, raising my gaze up my little leg until it reached my head or mind you like, when a fully formed thought exploded in my head and I screamed without being able to verbalise anything. And that thought was one of sheer terror – ‘Oh nooo, I am born again’. It was far more disturbing than that, but lets just say it was so strong that I remember it with clarity even today.

Strange prophetic dreams, weird coincidences, astral projections from a very early age led me to seek out more information which came in a form of a book when I was 22 and living in Cyprus. The book is the classic on this topic and is written by one of my dearest teachers and guides, the late Dr Hiroshi Motoyama, Japanese Shinto priest, engineer and seer. From that point onward, I started studying karma and reincarnation. I was drawn to anything of that nature and have spent many weekends on spiritual retreats, visiting Buddhist monasteries and reading books. Still I was in ‘the world’ doing my thing utilising my first degree in economics when everything changed when I moved and settled in England back in 1998.

When going through a marriage breakdown, I sought help of a hypnotherapist and have experienced what is known as ‘a spontaneous regression’. The poor therapist was quite shocked and taken a back but my mind took me to a past life with my husband at that time when I had been a middle age man dying of tuberculosis and he was a boy in a concentration camp. Amongst other insights, I understood why I have smoked most of my adult life. Having those sessions in which I remembered the process of my own birth was extremely helpful. Having understood the karma between myself and that person I was having difficulties with helped me forgive him, and me and move out without the heartbreak or normal suffering that ensues after such a traumatic event.

And from 2006 it was all fast and furious in terms of karmic experiences. In August that year, the intense study with my late teacher Dr Roger Woolger, a transpersonal and Jungian psychotherapist and the founder of Deep Memory Process started. On the very first residential workshop, I had, what is known as ‘ecstatic religious experience’ and I’m not ‘that’ religious I tell you. A high angelic form presented itself to me and I believe I had the Manipura chakra opened. In fact I am convinced as I started ‘seeing’ people’s past lives at will as well as being able to see ‘energy blockages’, ancestral karma, and ‘see through hands’.

A period of an intense five years of personal karma clearing followed. Things were flooding in faster than I could cope with sometimes and I spent those five years doing mostly that – working on my self, past life traumas, attending appropriate workshops, praying, meditating intensely, doing mantras, finishing an unfinished business and striving to be at peace.

I never thought I would say this, ever. I never conceived it possible at the first place. But I can say that I had released and healed a very heavy parental karma and found myself free from mentally arguing with either of my parents. I became aware that days were passing and I had not had a nasty image in my head. Peace of mind was becoming order of the day.

How important is belief in Reincarnation to working with Past-Life Therapy?

Not important at all. It is not required that one believes in the concept of reincarnation although it can be helpful. What I encounter with my clients on a regular basis is a question – ‘Was I making this up?’ or some form of doubt in the experience of the present moment. I had worked with many clients without any background in spirituality, let alone a belief in reincarnation and they have all experienced some form of regression into an issue that is important to them.

If a past life does not come up, that is also fine. I work with whatever presents itself. Being guided by the client’s subconscious mind, holding the space, making sure that I am alert to clues and the smallest changes in energy is my personal way of working in therapy.

I found that more important than a belief in reincarnation is a very simple and personal willingness to heal and change. Just a simple willingness.


What kind of things can Past-Life Therapy help a patient with?

Would it be an exaggeration if I said ‘everything’? It is not the past life therapy that is important here. It is a tool, a way, a proverbial horse and carriage to get you to your destination. It is always dependant on the level of personal willingness and readiness to enter into the therapy.
My client experience ranges from working with people with terminal cancer diagnoses, various types of early childhood trauma including sexual abuse, substance abuse, eating disorders to ‘normal neurotics’ and people facing everyday problems such as divorce, relationship and work issues and choppy family dynamics.

The space does not permit to list all of the types of issues people deal with in life and come to see me about, but believe me when I say that there were some miraculous success stories and personal victories. It is always down to client’s determination to work through the issues.

The added bonus and benefit is that this therapy works fast as it goes to the root of the problem and we don’t just “talk about issues”. I’m not too fond of ‘talking therapies’ but they most certainly have their place. Many people are just not ready to enter this type of deep healing therapy.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about Past-Life Therapy?

This question made me smile. Whatever misconceptions are, they are always cleared by the end of the session. Many people have no concepts of past life, do not know much of what karma is and how it works despite being by their own admission religious, or sufficient level of believe in the simple law of physics that every action has an equal reaction.

If you Google the Newton’s Third Law and read up about it – well, that is what karma is. That’s quite simple to understand.

Client’s come into a session expecting to be transported to ancient Egypt instantly but it is much simpler than that. The fragility of someone’s concepts are actually amusing. Let’s say they do not believe in past lives and are adamant they will not see anything or experience any regression and by the end of the session, they are ‘converted’ by their own admission.

The most common misconception of an entrenched ego of a person who is very pragmatic would sound something like this: “Well, I think I have imagined all that” or something to that effect. That’s fine because imagination heals. The frame work is unimportant as long as it produces result. If a result is that a person stops abusing substance, or heals sore family relationship, what does it matter if they believe in reincarnation or not!?

I never ever try to make people change belief systems. It is their job to find out more about their inner world, what makes them tick and what they will ultimately chose to believe. I know one thing for sure – believes change by themselves in face of evidence and personal experience. It is inevitable.

As I always say, I am just a guide.

Say a client comes to you for a session: what kind of thing would they expect to experience?

Experience is individual. Most of my clients survive 🙂

Whatever expectations are, it does not quite matter as much as people think. I would access by the way of an interview and the questionnaire which I ask all clients to complete before a session and return by email, and by looking at their astrological chart for the sticky karmic points (given my thirty years of astrological experience, I can tell a thing or two). What I assess and what I look for is driven by my neuro-linguistic and esoteric training. I look for language patterns because words and language is what we use to create our lives. Most people do not know this but we can’t know everything for every situation, and that’s ok.

I will then spend some time looking at the person’s chart and ‘feel’ around their energy. I actually spend additional time doing this kind of processing as I want to be centred and balanced for the session.

If a client comes in ‘not knowing what to expect’, that’s fine. I explain the process in the first ten minutes and explain that what actually happens is the series of questions and answers. So while they lie on the mattress feeling comfortable, I will ask questions and we go from there. This is usually enough to provide reassurance.

Because of the type of clients sent to me, i.e. everyday people, I have learned to be very gentle and observant as to where people are. Some other therapists who teach courses and hand around ‘spiritual circles’ can afford to go ‘straight in’ as most of their client base are experienced spiritual seekers. Mine just come in from the ‘cold outside world’ and need a bit of looking after :).

eu5w7qe5What is your most gratifying experience as a therapist?

What a lovely question this is.

My most gratifying experience is to see how people’s faces light up and how much they change for the better. I love to be able to help. I love to see the transformation takes place and a wonder at a new possibility that opens affront of someone’s eyes. I love to see the amazement on my client’s face as they realise they can live free of pain, they can be free of a particular behaviour, they are freer then they have come in. The body follows the mind, and as the mind heals, the body is happy to follow.

My most deeply gratifying experience is to enable people to take their power back where it belongs – into their heart and mind. The power to create the life they truly want to live and go out and live it. I love being a good guide and doing God’s work.

How does one train to be a Past-Life Therapist?

I believe there are various courses you can find online, but the best therapy training is Deep Memory Process training which is nowadays facilitated by a lady who runs the website after Dr Woolger’s passing. I was fortunate to be one of the last generation of therapists he has trained personally.

I think that a person would feel the call. They would be drawn to past life work as a moth to a flame. It has always been a passion of mine and even thought I did not know I would end up doing this work, since a very young age, I knew I was different and that my life would be different in some shape or form.

A shaman would encounter much of the stuff that surfaces in past life therapy such as spirit release, soul retrieval, ancestral healing etc. Hypnotherapists as well. I am sure many have clients that experience spontaneous regressions. Regular psychiatrists and psychotherapists who deal with clients with various psychosis diagnoses would encounter much of the ‘spirit talk’ in schizophrenia for example but most are busy medicating rather than treating.

I’d like to say a word of caution here: if you, the reader, are interested in doing this work, please make sure you are properly trained. People’s suffering is not to be taken likely and many ‘strange’ things happen in this therapy. I have witnessed many occasions when demonic spirits show up, really scary energies, so if you do not know ‘thyself’, then its best to stay away from this work as it can get hairy. You can go off and get a certificate over a weekend thinking you know what you are doing, but in truth, you can do more damage to your client and yourself than you can imagine. I hold a MA, – a masters degree in movement psychotherapy which I have obtained after having completed my training in NLP, hypnosis, shamanism and deep memory process, to name just a few. I am also a lifelong meditator and student of esoteric arts but I wanted to bring my clinical level to an academic level even though I also practice a different therapy which is the topic of this interview – a past life therapy. It must be said that what I have learned by obtaining the masters in psychotherapy and the proper clinical approach is invaluable. The past life therapy work is not fun and not easy. If you wish to do this work, please make sure you are property trained. I can’t stress this enough.

What are some good books or resources to which my readers could go in order to learn more?

Of course they are. Just go on Google and you will be inundated by the amount of stuff which has been written on this topic.

Hiroshi Motoyama

Hiroshi Motoyama

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the late Dr Hiroshi Motoyama, whom I recognised as my father in one of my past lives. I have read all of his work which includes studies of yoga and consciousness. His classic on this topic, ‘Karma and Reincarnation’ was my saving grace at the early 90’s when I did not know what was happening to me at the time. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the subject.

My other late teacher, Dr Roger Woolger’s books such as ‘Other Lives, Other Selves’, ‘Healing Your Past Lives’ are excellent too. The classic by Edith Fiore ‘You Have Been Here Before’ is another favourite. For more of a classical approach to the subject, look up Swami J and his writings on karma or indeed, any Vedic text that explain the reincarnation process such as The Bhagavad Gita. This work is essentially an epic poem but it its heart, the theme of birth and rebirth is the springboard for all life dramas that unfold around us. Any books by Dr Ian Stevenson such as the classic ‘Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation’ or ‘Children Who Remember Previous Lives’ explore the phenomena of ‘spontaneous recall’.

My intention is to write several books in the future resulting from my personal experiences and what I had witnessed in therapy, so watch that space.

Daniella’s website: The Spiritual Healing Center


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Interview With a Mesmerist

Lee Gerrard-Barlow

Lee Gerrard-Barlow

Recently I had the opportunity to talk to Lee Gerrard-Barlow, a practising Mesmerist living in England, about his art. Lee is an NLP Master, Hypnotherapist and Official Premier Trainer for “Magnetism” (i.e. Mesmerism). For those not aware “Mesmerism” pre-dates what is nowadays known as Hypnosis, and draws on rich heritage which is regarded with suspicion by skeptics, but is fascinating for students of the Mysteries.

First of all, what is the proper terminology for Mesmerism, and for people who practice it?

It was Franz Anton Mesmer who lived between (1734-1815 ) who popularised an Art that was actually known as ‘Animal Magnetism’ ,  thus his name became inextricably linked with it ,  passing into daily language right up to our times . The correct contemporary terminology is simply ‘Magnetism,’ or Magnetic therapy.

What are the main differences between Mesmerism and ordinary hypnosis?

There are fundamental differences between Hypnosis and Mesmerism ,  however , I should first mention that Hypnosis as we currently understand the term actually derives from studies of the methods of Magnetists who were active during the late 1800’s such as Charles la Fontaine , whom the Surgeon James Braid studied when Fontaine visited England from France . Braid then made a reductionist study of these methods and he was the one who named it Hypnosis, after ‘Hypnos’ the Greek god of sleep circa 1884. This of course started the common misperception of Hypnosis as actually inducing sleep, which is sometimes possible, but certainly not its aim. Braids methods were put into practice and gradually travelled to the U.S.A,   where they very much became what we now commonly understand to be modern day Hypnosis. This gives us a bit of background…

But the essential difference between Hypnosis and Mesmerism is that Hypnosis nowadays predominantly relies upon the spoken word and effecting the ‘mental plane’ as a process. Mesmerism is a method that deals with energetic polarities and both the lunar plane of energies as well as the more spiritualised plane of energy, if one chooses to be open to such. In this way it may be said to be loosely related to various oriental energetic practices. Magnetism is mainly a non-Verbal art, which produces profound trance states.

Finally, due to its non-verbal nature, it is extremely effective on animals, such as dogs, horses, amphibians and so on. This certainly is not possible with ordinary Hypnosis!

What kind of things can be achieved by Mesmerism, that can’t be done by Hypnosis?

As a practitioner of both of the disciplines of Hypnosis and Magnetism, I am of the opinion that both have their specific merits  but are used for different aims. Magnetism could be used to treat all the same issues as Hypnosis, however the approach would be through a completely different energetic and holistic approach. The opposite method however of attempting to achieve the same results with Hypnosis as with Magnetism is not a possibility. Arm levitation of course can and does occur with Hypnosis, but is done through a quite lengthy process of verbal suggestion. You will clearly see in some of my videos on you tube, or on my website, that this kind of thing happens without the use of words and without any suggestion whatsoever from the operator. The only active agent being the operators will to effect changes, which is done purely energetically. Mesmer believed that this was done via a kind of ‘magnetic fluid,’ which we could regard in a like manner to the concept of the ether.

The power to induce states is very, very swift with the combined use of Magnetism and Fascination , or the use of the power of direct eye contact through a kind of fixed magnetic or hypnotic ‘Gazing’ causing an immediate onset of trance state . This is a genuine hypnotic power that has been sadly lampooned and devalued in films and comedies. We teach many ways around these common misperceptions in actual practice. Experience of these realities on our courses will demonstrate its potent veracity.

The state produced during a magnetic session is actually a very lucid state, where the subject can be acutely aware and in a state of heightened ‘Presence,’ despite external appearances. Often an experience outside of the normal perception of time occurs, or a timeless state. A place where personal issues which often are the result of constant disordered thinking begin to collapse, and a feeling of freedom can kick-start the resolution of various inner conflicts, conflicts that have been the cause of imbalance in the individual.

Although magnetism is a therapy which appears to be applied externally, it is also actually a very important gateway for the practitioner themselves, for the production of internal states that can have even an initiatory value. These aspects of Magnetism are in fact of the utmost importance for the serious practitioner who is always ultimately a student of the mysteries.

What happened to the tradition of Mesmerism, after the rise of Hypnotism began in the mid-nineteenth century?

The Tradition of Mesmerism has always been alive, however, in its most interesting forms it became the province of a few very closed esoteric groups on the continent, where its practice was preserved, perpetuated and developed in the spirit of experimentation .

How different is contemporary Mesmerism to what Franz Mesmer himself would have practiced?

In our time, a few other practices have been added as the result of further research and development, some of which was due to the previously mentioned ‘secret magnetic schools.’  However in the school of Dr [Marco] Paret and myself (ISI-CNV –  Arcana Therapies ) we teach fully all of the early methods , as well as new discoveries that have arisen through deep experimentation . It is here important to say , that even at an early period in Mesmerism when one of Mesmer’s students Puysegur was practicing , that there were some divergences in practice and philosophy, thus producing three distinct approaches , being  the ‘Mesmerians,’  the Psychofluidists and the Spiritualists .  We cover all of these approaches in our school.

How is Mesmerism used today?

Today many practitioners use Mesmerism as an addition to Hypnotherapeutic methods that they have already trained in, and producing greatly enhanced results. Also it has been used on the continent, particularly in Italy by stage Magicians, again with stunning results.

Here I must stress that Dr Paret, and I , have been the primary protagonists of the current resurgence of interest in this subject , and it is very easy to trace the majority of those who are currently practicing publicly to have been either directly trained by Dr Paret , or by one of his students.

Imagine a client comes to you to be Mesmerised. What might they expect during a Mesmerism session?

The Subject can easily experience any of the following :

A heightened state of Physical Presence and awareness. A sense of timelessness, inner guidance. A sense of harmony and well-being. An inner security that is able to place troubling issues into a harmonised perspective. The Ability to re-create the inner state reached in oneself at will subsequent to the session. Clarity. Rewards similar to deep meditation, in a fraction of the time.

How did you personally first get involved in Mesmerism?

I had been involved in a long term study of N.L.P and this led me into its origin in Hypnosis, this in turn led me to deeply study Hypnosis and its own origins which I discovered to be Mesmerism or magnetism, I was then very happy to find that magnetism was directly connected to my long term interest in the esoteric and Hermetic traditions of the continent. I truly felt that I had completed a circle and had reached a much deeper understanding and appreciation of traditions which had always been a source of inspiration for me. Synchronously at the same time as I was researching Mesmerism I met Dr Paret at a seminar in London in 2008 and have been studying deeply with him ever since then .

How would one go about learning Mesmerism?

Dr Paret runs courses at the main university ISI-CNV in Nice, in France and also in Italy where the full length teaching is given. I am the primary representative of these teachings for England and I teach the fundamentals of three vital aspects of the teaching over three days. The next course is held in a beautiful setting in Guildford close to Gatwick Airport and London on the 23rd , 24th and 25th October 2015 . Obviously if you are reading this after this date further courses will be listed on my website.  http://arcanatherapies.com/courses/

Imagine someone who is already a trained hypnotherapist. How would they find trying to adjust to the practice of Mesmerism?

It is very easy to adjust to Mesmerism, as it is a very natural method. Mesmerism may be considered a stand-alone therapy as it can work very well as a self-contained practice. However, due to the fact that it is the very ‘root’ of the contemporary forms of hypnosis, the practitioners of hypnosis can easily find parallels that link to what they already do. A teacher I had in contemporary Hypnosis once told the whole class that , for some reason , if you use rhythmic ‘passes’ over the subjects body while doing verbal hypnosis that is results in a much deeper and more effective trance induction . Actually, this touches on the point I made earlier, that Braid actually threw out the baby with the bathwater when he made his reductionist system and dispensed with some of the more effective aspects of Magnetism. It’s funny… we need to put them back where they belong and get better results.

Finally : Can you recommend any resources ( books , websites, etc), that readers of my blog could use to find out more about the subject?

Yes of course.  Here are a few that will be of immediate use for the beginner.

LINK FOR COURSES : http://arcanatherapies.com/courses/

Schopenhauer : “On The Will In Nature / Animal Magnetism and Magic” .  

Interview podcast with Lee Gerrard-Barlow: http://occultofpersonality.net/lee-gerrard-barlow/

Dr MARCO PARET :  http://www.marcoparet.com/ 

ARCANA THERAPIES YOU TUBE CHANNEL –https://www.youtube.com/user/ArcanaTherapies

MODERN DAY MESMERISM : http://www.trebuchet-magazine.com/modern-day-mesmerism/ 

The Zoist  (Elliotson) : https://archive.org/details/zoistajournalce01goog


Oswald Wirth: “The Imposition of Hands.

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A Weight Off With Your Mind?

You have the  power to do amazing things with your mind – including lose weight. This is the implication behind a story recently that a woman went from a Size 18 to a Size 8 in six months through the power of hypnosis. The sensationalist nature of the story’s headline implies that it was exclusively to do with the fact that she was hypnotised into believing she had a gastric band fitted: however on closer analysis it transpires that this was only one of a number of hypnotic techniques which were employed during her course of therapy, which amounted to four hour long sessions in the space of a month. (This fits in with my own experience in having conversations with hypnotherapists).

However, as remarkable as this sounds, this is not the most amazing piece of evidence to demonstrate the power of the mind of which I am cognizant. If you think about it – the hypnotherapy caused the lady in question to alter her behaviour – it was her new behaviour over the ensuing six months which caused her weight loss. She could, theoretically, have chosen to alter her behaviour voluntarily in which case the results would have been the same, but as it happens she felt she needed the hypnotherapy to help her. It would have been absurd to think that the hypnotherapy could have somehow caused the weight loss without effort on her part … or would it?

There has been at least one study in which test subjects were divided into three groups. The first undertook a full-body work out everyday for a month. The second was told to visualise undertaking a full-body workout from the comfort of their armchairs everyday for a month. The third was a control group. The results were as follows:

  • At the end of the month, the members of the first group all displayed increased muscle-tone to a certain extent.
  • Meanwhile, the members of the second group also displayed increased muscle-tone, but only half that of the first group.
  • There was little or no change in muscle tone in the control group.

I am not aware if the experiment has been replicated: I will try to provide full citations at a later date.

You will therefore see that the power of the mind by itself can have great potential to alter health and fitness for the better. However, the counter-argument is that whilst mind-power on its own may work, it is not as effective as mind-power combined with physical activity. (Another interpretation is that 50% of any gains made in actual bodybuilding are due to psychological causes).


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