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The Other Royal Wedding 2011

This is a follow up to my post regarding my recommended date for William & Kate’s Wedding in 2011. If you will recollect, I recommended Friday October 7th, based on electional astrology: it was on the day and hour of Venus, when the Moon is waxing and forms a favourable aspect (trine) with not only Venus the planet of Love but also a whole host of other planets including Saturn, Mercury and the Sun. HRH & Miss Middleton decided to ignore my advice and go instead for April 29th, on the flimsy reason that it is St Catherine’s Day. Honestly! However the good news for the rest of us is that Friday October 7th is now available to be used for “The Other Royal Wedding” of 2011.

I am of course talking about that between Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris.

Heff, I have assumed you will be basically wanting to hold the ceremony in Los Angeles so I have worked out the best time for you and Crystal: 1.39pm local time Los Angeles, on the aforesaid date (Friday October 7th).

A note to all those interested in electional astrology. This is a slightly different time than the one I mentioned in my previous post because the planetary hours have to be worked out according to when sunrise and sunset occur in a given location – in this instance Los Angeles. This is not just a different longitude  (and hence a timezone) from London but also a different latitude as well. Fortunately there are websites which exist which can perform the necessary calculations.

A note to all those who read this post and thought I was referring to Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall. Unfortunately there is an extremely good reason why they cannot get married on “LoveFriday2011” – it’s in the middle of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand! Zara and Mike thus have the opposite problem – even if Mike did want to quickly get hitched between England games, what with timezones and everything they would have to do so at about 10 o’clock at night, or something like that.



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