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What the Stars have in store for… HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Charlotte

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Princess Charlotte

Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, second child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and fourth in line to the British throne, was born at 0834 British Summer Time on the 2nd May 2015, at the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington, London, England – 51°31′2″N 0°10′23″W. A horoscope calculated with these data gives the following:

2nd May 2015, 8:34 am (British Summer time).   Sun Taurus, Moon Libra, Asc Cancer.

2nd May 2015, 8:34 am (British Summer time).
Sun Taurus, Moon Libra, Asc Cancer.

What immediately strikes me in this horoscope is that there is so much militating in Princess Charlotte’s favour to grow up, fall in love and have a happy and successful marriage.

Taurus (Princess Charlotte’s sun-sign) is the sign of people who tend to get married for life: moreover, Moon in Libra suggests she will feel romantic and personable. Of this Sun-Moon combination, other astrologers have said:

[This combination]… produces one of the most likable personalities in the Zodiac. Others may have more wit, ambition, or intellect, but none equal the charm and appeal of this combination. A nice home and a close family are your first loves; social contact and involvement, a close second. Your keen social personality is aided by a fine sense of humor and an easygoing outlook. This personality is marked with optimism, even if you’re up to your ears in private woes. Anyone that doesn’t like you is probably motivated by jealousy. You are expressive and idealistic, your nature is inclined toward the dramatic and the artistic.

Sun and Moon Combinations by Michael McLain.

Other famous people with this Sun / Moon combination include: her own first cousin once removed Zara Philips, Catherine De Medici, William Shakespeare, Bertrand Russell, and many more.

More tellingly, Princess Charlotte’s Moon is in the Fourth House – the house of the home and family – signifying that a secure family and home-life is what will make Charlotte most comfortable. Her Caput Draconis (signifier of destiny) is also in the Fourth house, implying that this is the direction she will want to seek in her life as an adult.

With Cancer as rising sign, she will appear to be a sensitive, slightly shy person… but only outwardly. In reality she will actually enjoy a life of public engagements, and draw great strength from being in charge of whatever situation she might find herself in (Sun in 10th House / Cauda Draconis in Aries also in 10th House).

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Ask A Wizard 5: Chart Rectification

In response to a request from Manuel (see: How to Use Horary Astrology With Tarot) I present a short tutorial on “Chart Rectification” i.e. how to work out the most likely Ascendant when the time of birth is unknown.  There is a conventional method which involves analysing the movements of the slow-moving planets such as Saturn and Jupiter: but I suggest that it is also possible to get a quicker result using a crafty analysis of sun-sign characteristics.


January 7, 2012 · 4:43 pm

Ophiuchus – The Real Deal

Proposed symbol for Ophiuchus

Recently across the interwebby-type thing there it has been suggested that a new constellation – Ophiuchus – be included within the Zodiac. Actually some people have been saying this for around 16 years or more, however the most recent publicity to the notion has been generated by a statement by the Minnesota Planetarium Society – so it is rather cheeky that they claim to have only recently discovered it. Obviously time does not pass so quickly in that part of America!

The argument is that because Ophiuchus is in the same general vicinity as the other constellations which make up the Zodiac (nb: not “Horoscope” *) it should be added thereto. IMO, however, Ophiuchus should not and probably won’t be included in conventional Astrology – and with good reason. The rationale of Astrology is that it is the direct continuation of the ancient Pagan religions in unbroken succession from their heyday thousands of years ago into the present day. It has millenia of established practice behind it, and it provides both the language and the vocabulary of the Hermetic tradition. Hence – the only extent to which any constellation or heavenly body can be included in astrology – whether existing or a new candidate – is that to which it is reflected in ancient practice, and ancient mythology – which after all makes up the archetypes of the collective unconscious. Whilst there are various myths and legends surrounding Ophiuchus as a constellation in the general sense, it has no established mythology as an astrological entity. One cannot, for example, say which planet rules it, which planets are exalted in it, what planets are in their fall or detriment in it, what Element it should be, or whether it should be Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable.

Needless to say, this has probably whipped straight over the heads of the Minnesota Planetarium Society who, being astronomers, are not thinking about this from an astrological point of view.

Therefore, as an astrologer myself, I would recommend simply ignoring the current talk about there being a new sign of the Zodiac. And to the Minnesota Planetarium Society, I say: “G’Ophiuchus Yourselves.”

* The reason I say “not Horoscope” is because there is only one Zodiac – but there are currently 7 billion different Horoscopes. The Zodiac is what is in the sky, but the word “Horoscope” refers to an individual’s astrological chart generally, and their first-house marker (Ascendant) specifically.


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