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Royal Wedding: Anarchy and the Occult

Sometime last year I went on the radio – the BBC World Service no less – to explain that astrologically speaking there is something wrong with the date that Wills and Kate have chosen for their wedding. The main concern I identified was that on April 29th 2011, Saturn – the planet of Death, delays and restrictions – was opposed to Venus, the planet of Love. It so happened that on the same radio programme there was an astrologer from India who claimed that Saturn was not important in Jyotisa, and that rather the day itself was “75% auspicious.”

Some time later I related this incident to an Indian astrologer I met at a swanky dinner party – he looked non-plussed. “Of course Saturn’s important!” he said. “What the hell was this guy talking about?”

Anyway, that is by the by. In the news today I read that a bunch of anarchists are planning to “curse” Wills and Kate’s big day, because they object to such an ostentatious display of extravagance at a time when there are widespread cuts in public expenditure. Yesterday there were protests in central London: today the ringleader revealed his “cunning plan” to the Daily Express:

The anarchists behind yesterday’s riot are also preparing to “curse” next month’s wedding with a bizarre plot in the shape of a giant occult symbol.

They aim to occupy five destinations to represent a five-pointed star or pentacle, a symbol revered by Satanists;* the Hilton Hotel in Park Lane, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, in a bid to stretch police lines and throw William and Kate’s big day into chaos.

They hope to get the ceremony abandoned or at least moved. Yesterday was said to be “phase one” of the plot.

* My emphasis.

Ok we should bear in mind that this is the Daily Express not the Daily Mail, so I am prepared to allow them some lee-way in the standards of their reporting. I have explained about the Pentagram before. Before we get concerned about the ceremony being moved, we should bear in mind that this would not be a complete disaster in itself. In another blog post I have explained that there is in fact one date later in 2011 which is actually far better than April 29th, astrologically speaking. If the Royal Wedding were postponed until Friday October 7th, this would actually work out as being far more auspicious for Wills and Kate. However: let us assume that the Royal couple intend to press ahead with April 29th, and that these anarchists also intend to press ahead with their bizarre “Satanic” plot. Are the Satanists likely to succeed?

Looking at the situation from the point of view of a magician, I would have to say, “almost certainly not.” Even if the date does get moved, the Satanists would be in no position to take credit for it. The first and most obvious point is that the ringleader has blabbed all to the national press! There is a reason why Silence is one of the four powers of the Sphinx – it is one of the sources of a magician’s own power. By opening his big mouth he can now be assured that the combined will-power of millions of well-wishers who want the wedding to go successfully will be directed against them.

Secondly, this whole business of going to such extravagant lengths is far too histrionic. I can just about imagine how a Pentagram might be used in a magical ritual to disrupt the wedding, although a ritual conducted in private somewhere would be far simpler and just as likely to succeed as trying to deploy ones minions across central London. Also there is the question of just how much depth of thought they have put into the preparation for this bizarre pentagram working. If they think that deploying themselves in a pentagram-arrangement across the capital is just going to work all by itself, then of course they are prey to the worst kind of superstitious rubbish.

As I noted above with regards to the Saturn-opposition on April 29th, Wills and Kate are likely to have a tough time of it that day without a bunch of Satanists trying to shove their oar in. If there is any disruption on the day it will ultimately be due to a prior disposition of the planets, not a bunch of unwashed agitators pretending to be great and mighty sorcerors.

Yet it is the knowledge of the astrological situation on April 29th which conversely provides the key to a way out for the happy couple from their troubles. The essence of the Hermetic tradition is that by raising ones consciousness to a sufficient degree one can transcend the crossed-conditions of Fate, for which the planets of astrology are their outward symbols. The methods of overcoming the planets are nothing less than the rituals of e.g. the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Hence: we know that Saturn is badly placed on April 29th, thus one way to overcome this would be to cast the Supreme Banishing Hexagram of Saturn ritual, in order to counter-act that planet’s effects.

In conclusion therefore: I, Alex Sumner, volunteer to use my occult powers to ward off the effects of these anarcho-satanists and thus ensure that the 29th goes well for the Royal couple. 🙂


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