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What Kim Jong-Un Has In Store For The Stars

Imagine a world where if you hear a song on the radio, and you hate it so much that you literally want the person who sung it to be taken out and executed. Well imagine no longer – it’s actually happening in North Korea! According to today’s Daily Telegraph, Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s answer to Mr Bean, has actually gone and done what other people only dream of doing, and executed a whole load of pop-stars. And he’s started off by executing one of his ex-girlfriends.

Now it would be churlish of me to say that must have been one hell of a bad break-up, so I won’t. Also, given that the stated reason was because she was allegedly involved in making a porn film, one might be sorely tempted to speculate the real reason as to why they split… but I won’t do that either. Instead, it is at times like these that I recall that I blogged about Kim Jong Un back in April, so it would be interesting to see what I predicted. I wrote:

Mars, however, does form a challenging angle with Mercury, suggesting that the current publicity KJU is generating is essentially posturing and rhetoric. More worryingly, though, it may also indicate the violent repression of freedom of the press, communication,  and writers in general – so don’t expect any of my books to be available in North Korea any time soon.

Violent repression of… communication. Mercury is, amongst other things, the planet of performers, including musicians. Thus, the current news from North Korea is an ongoing manifestation of the astrological forces I identified over three months ago.

Moreover: we should also note that in the chart I drew up for Kim Jong-Un’s regime, Mercury is conjunct the Moon’s True Node. Hence, these murderous outrages will actually characterise Kim Jong-Un’s rule all the while he remains in power.


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