What The Stars Have In Store for… Kim Jong-Un

Nuclear Explosion

Just saying.

Basketball-loving dictator Kim Jong-Un has been in the news this week. I personally think he is getting a bad press. After all, who among us, if they became a despot, would not immediately start by drawing up a list of countries to nuke? He’s only human after all!

Nevertheless, after my spectacular success with the new Pope the other day, I have decided to bring my powers of astrology to bear on the Supreme Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Kim Jong-Un’s Natal Chart

Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

The first problem one comes up against as an astrologer is that there is very little publicly available information about Kim Jong-Un. For example, Wikipedia says:

North Korean authorities have stated that his birthdate is January 8, 1982, but outside speculation by analysts and observers believe his birthdate to be around 1983 or early 1984.

Helpful, this is not! Nevertheless, I shall humour the North Korean authorities for one moment by assuming that their data is in fact accurate. I shall further make the assumption that KJU was born in the general vicinity of Pyongyang. I have used an approximated birth-time (12 noon local time). The resulting chart would therefore look like this:


Very much approximated natal chart for Kim Jong Un

NB: Mars and Pluto both square Sun – this man was born with serious chip on his shoulder!

As a Sun Capricorn, Moon Gemini person, other astrologers have speculated that

Your friends are likely to tell you that you could do better, more important work if you tried, and they are probably right. But so long as you are getting some degree of acclaim you are not likely to bother.


You run the risk of getting hypnotized by the sound of your own voice and of conceiving yourself in too heroic proportions: thus you run the risk of pomposity. You don’t like to be laughed at, and while relishing a joke, prefer to have someone else the butt of it.

Source: Horoscopespot.net

Mr Bean has the same Sun-Moon combination as the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Mr Bean has the same Sun-Moon combination as the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Other famous celebrities with the combination Sun Capricorn, Moon Gemini include Joan Baez, Jim Carrey, and Rowan Atkinson.

Kim Jong-Un’s Accession to Power

Kim Jong-Un was proclaimed Supreme Leader on 28 December 2011. A chart drawn up for that event, compared with the (approximated) natal chart above, shows the following:

Inner ring: KJU's natal chart.Outer ring: Chart for KJU's accession to power.

Inner ring: KJU’s natal chart.
Outer ring: Chart for KJU’s accession to power.

 As you can see, not only did KJU recently have his Saturn-return (which everyone does roundabout that age), but Saturn was transitting Pluto, the planet of Explosive Transformations. A Saturn-Return marks a decisive event in one’s life which is the signal to make the transition from youth to the responsibilities of adulthood. For most people this would be something like settling down, getting a proper job, getting married, start thinking about kids, etc. For Kim Jong Un, it was becoming dictator of a south-east Asian country.

As regards the Saturn-Pluto transit, Cafe Astrology says (inter alia):

Your first reaction to any changes coming into your life is to hold onto those things which once symbolized security for you and which now seem to be under attack.


Try not to react automatically when something you’ve cherished seems to be threatened.

And even:

This is a difficult time period when unexpected demands and responsibilities arise. It seems as if every weak link in your life decides to break now! New obligations are likely to arise both in your personal life and your work.

We may thus begin to understand that when Kim Jong-Un did accede to power, it was at a very stressful time in his life for him, so we should not be surprised that he has so far reacted in the way he has.

The Future For North Korea

“But what,” I hallucinate that I hear you ask, “does the future hold for North Korea under Kim Jong-Un’s rule?” An indication of the likely direction of KJU’s time in power can be gained by looking at the chart for his accession – the outer ring of the chart above. The Sun (representing KJU’s regime itself) and Pluto (the planet of things happening away from public sight), would indicate that KJU is more than ever obsessed with the secrecy which has characterised North Korean politics up to now, and probably has no qualms about resorting to torture and other human rights abuses of political opponents. Sun trine Jupiter would suggest that KJU will find it straightforward to establish his own personality cult. Moreover, the Sun/Pluto square to Uranus also suggests that KJU sees it as his especial mission to harass and bully nearby capitalist regimes, i.e. South Korea, and its allies the United States.

But… does KJU actually want to start a war? I would be inclined to speculate no. The planet Mars in this chart does not appear to form an inharmonious or challenging angle with the Sun, which is what I would have expected had KJU was actually looking forward to hostilities. (Contrast this with a chart drawn up for the coming to power of the current UK government, when the Sun, Moon, and Mars formed a nasty T pattern. Within a year, Britain was involved in new hostilities in Libya).

Mars, however, does form a challenging angle with Mercury, suggesting that the current publicity KJU is generating is essentially posturing and rhetoric. More worryingly, though, it may also indicate the violent repression of freedom of the press, communication,  and writers in general – so don’t expect any of my books to be available in North Korea any time soon.

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