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Babylonian Magick – Major eText find!

Ananael (The Secrets of Wisdom)

Greetings fellow Wizard-Priests!

Years and years ago, back in my early days of study into Biblical history and the Qabalah, I gathered a set of awesome texts concerning Babylonian magick and religion.  (Sadly I did not own them, but had checked them out from the local library – remember those?)  Before I dove head-first into the Solomonic grimoires, I quite regularly invoked the Annunaki (Gods) of Sumeria and Babylon.  I got outstanding results though Them – and that was before I knew how to properly build altars or work with them in a more traditional Pagan manner.  (At the time, I was invoking them through a basic Qabalistic framework.)

In time, I left the Annunaki behind.  It was largely out of respect, as I discovered that I didn’t know how to work with Them properly and that I should probably be focused more on the “Gods” of my own…

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Planetary Invocations #3 – The Sun

I also source ancient magical texts from a miscellaneous variety of places. The following – a solar invocation – I discovered from reading a novel called Master of the Temple by Eric Ericson. Despite being a work of fiction, the author had obviously done his homework, as it contains a lot of authentic background information on Aleister Crowley, Sex Magick, contemporary occult orders – and ancient Babylonian invocations.

The following dates (according to Ericson) to around 2000BC. This was inscribed on a ceremonial pillar which depicts King Hammurabai receiving his authority from the Babylonian Sun-god, Shamash. Incidentally – note this – the name of the Babylonian Sun-god is the same word as the Hebrew word for the Sun – “Shemesh.” This leads me to suspect that prior to their return from captivity – if indeed they had ever been away in the first place – the Hebrew people were a lot more “pagan” than the Bible likes to admit.


I who am a perfect King
To the people entrusted to me by God;
I who am by God’s command their shepherd
Have never tarried, never rested.
I was called by the Great Gods,
Wherefore I became the good shepherd
Whose staff is straight and strong.
My shadow has stretched out across this city;
I have gathered my people into my arms
That they may thrive under my protection.
I shield them in my peace
And protect them in my wisdom.
Here in this city I have spoken my word
And have erected my image as King.


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