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From The Sacred Magic of the Angels by David Goddard.

THE ANCIENT GREEKS PORTRAYED their death god, Thanatos, as a beautiful, dark-haired, winged youth. In our Western culture, most births (though by no means all) are generally perceived as “happy” events. Most deaths (though by no means all) are generally perceived as “sad” events. Fortunately, much good work is now being done by thanatologists like Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and Stephen Levine to transform our culture’s view of death, and to empower oth-ers to assist the dying to prepare holistically for their first step on their Journey to Light. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross spoke of her experiences assisting dying children, and of her awareness in such cases of the presence of the Holy Lady Mary and the perfume of roses, giving reality to the prayer Ave Maria: “Holy Mary, mother of God, be with us now and at the hour of our death.” Likewise, “Mother” is the name for God upon the lips and hearts of all children. Hospices, usually presided over by a senior shepherding angel, are a great blessing to the dying.

In reality, the womb and the tomb represent two aspects of a continuous flow. Our perceptions of that flow are simply a matter of which way we are facing. In fact, in ancient lore, the “Gate of Horn” has a sign on its lintel, one side of which says Entrance, the other side of which says Exit. All else is a matter of perspective.

Ideally, at physical death, the prepared soul withdraws calmly from the physical vehicle-the silver cord connecting the physical and the etheric bodies breaks (like the umbilical cord at birth), and the soul is set free upon the astral level. The disembodied soul then translates to the spiritual level, where the incarnation as a whole is assessed by the Higher-Self. What is beneficial is distilled and absorbed by the spirit, what is not is cast out. After the self-judgment, a soul usually passes to a purgative state to work on any blemishes, since few of us emerge from incarnation spotless. After purification, the soul passes to one of the “paradises,” catching up with very, very old friends before the call to go forth comes again. In other cases, where evil has been the keynote of an incarnation, the soul passes to one of the hells until atonement has been made. Our dreams and our nightmares are the frontiers of paradise and hell.

Unlike birth, where the incarnating soul has little effective free will, the transition of death is fraught with pathologies. Others have written extensively on the subject,* so I will confine myself to how death interfaces with the angels.

* Readers might like to explore Dian Fortune’s Through the Gates of Death (London: Aquarian Press, 1987), and C. W. Leadbeater’s The Devachanic Plane (East Sussex, England: Society of Metaphysicians, 1986)

One of the most common pathologies of the after-death experience is the plight of the “earth-bound.” These are souls who either do not believe that they are dead (a very common occurrence for short periods of time, rather like shock), or souls who willfully refuse to leave the Earth plane. Jesus put it very well when he said, “Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also” (Matthew 6:21). If a person’s main focus in Iife – to the virtual exclusion of all else – has been the material realm, it is quite natural for them to gravitate to that realm and not wish to pass to any other. The film Blithe Spirit, and the more recent film Ghost, both deal with examples of the earth-bound condition.

No one should die alone, as Mother Teresa of Calcutta shows us by the example of her work. On the hidden side of life, it is a fact that not a single soul goes out of embodiment unattended. Most individuals at death are met again by their friends upon the long journey, who attended their birth, and by loved ones who have already made their transition. The angels that minister to the dead and dying are sometimes called the “shepherding angels.” They are kin to Angel Cassiel of Saturn and serve under the great Archangel Tzaphkiel.

Not all deaths bring consolation. The transitions of those who have lived lives of evil, willfully inflicting pain and suffering upon others, undergo deaths darkened by fear. Such individuals ate awaited by loathsome, parasitic, shadow-creatures whom they have unknowingly “fed” during life by their actions. These astral carrion relentlessly wait to devour the disintegrating psyche. Also waiting are the victims on the other side who may have decided not to “turn the other cheek” to the evil done to them in life. For just as free will and self-determination do not cease with death, neither does hate or revenge, redemption or love. Even to people who have willfully done much evil there comes, at the moment of transition, a bright angel who will guide them, if they will but clasp the outstretched hand.

Cultures other than ours have wisely sought ways to assist discarnating souls: the Priests of Anubis and Osiris in ancient Egypt, the Priestesses of Persephone in Greece and Rome. In fact, Tibetan Buddhist Lamas still attend the dying and guide them, not only up to the moment of separation from the physical plane, but afterward, guiding them telepathically upon the inner journey. The Jewish recommendation to “accompany the dead” is an esoteric reference to the act of guiding the newly departed safely through the lower astral plane, back to the Spirit who is the “father,” the seed-giver of the incarnate personality – in Hebrew wisdom, esoterically referred to as “the bosom of Abraham.” Spiritualist Rescue Circles and Catholic Requiem Masses also do much good in guiding wandering souls to havens of light, from whence the shepherding angels can take them onward. I have been told of a loose-knit society of Catholic priests who, despite the theologians, offer a Requiem Mass once a month with the intention of releasing a soul from hell.

Deaths that occur suddenly, as a result of violence, accident) or a natural disaster) invariably involve trauma for the newly dead. It has been known that after a fatal plane crash the shepherding angels arrive on the astral scene wearing the mental forms of doctors and nurses. They help distressed and shocked victims, rebuild the astral double of the airplane and then transport the newly disembodied to the simulacrum of an airport, that just happens to be one of the antechambers on the Inner levels to the place of peace. Angels who work with the dying rarely turn up in their own forms except in the case of an advanced soul. They usually wear forms that comfort those making their transition. When events occur that cause multiple fatalities – earthquakes, bombings, etc – incamate humans who have the compassion and the capabilities leave their bodies in trance or sleep, and project on the astral level to the site of the disaster, where they work under the supervision of the shepherding angels. This is one of the meanings or the phrase in scripture which enjoins us to “serve the Most Holy One by night and by day,” and is one of the ways in which angels and humans can cooperate in the service of God.

If you attend the dying, try not to bring fear or sorrow, but endeavor to radiate the assurance that arises from the knowledge of human immortality. Remember, these people are not passing into oblivion. They are only changing worlds. They are shedding a suit of clothes, and will put on a new suit at some future time. Those draw¬ing near the portal of death tend to become very psychic toward the end. It can be very reassuring for them to have someone nearby for whom the unseen holds little fear.

Mentally send a call to Angel Cassiel and the shepherding angels. Build up in your imagination Cassiel’s Call Sign, the Ladder of Jacob, a vast ladder spanning the realms, with the angelics ascending and descending thereon. Quietly speak the invitation:

Come forth to meet [Name] ye angels of the Lord; may the choirs of angels receive [him/her], and guide [him/her] into perpetual light.
In the name of the Most Gracious One, be thou [Name] encompassed by the Princes of the heavenly court. May Raphael be at thy right hand; Gabriel at thy left hand; behind thee follows Michael; and before thee leads Uriel. Above thy head shines the candle of the Most High, before Whose light all shadows shall flee. Amen.

Invoke the shepherding angels to help the transition, to make smooth the way; and welcome them as they come to guide the dying into peace. Then shall the chamber of death become a doorway into Heaven, lit by a glorious Sun such as the Earth has never seen.

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The Brotherhood of the Essenes

Zooming down the motorway at a hundred miles per hour – swerving suddenly off and down a country lane – tyres throwing up cascades of water as we rocketed through the huge puddles caused by the near flooding conditions. A few more twists and turns in the Moon-less darkness which storm and cloud had further conspired to obscure, then coming to a SCREECHING HALT… outside Glastonbury Town Hall.

I got out and checked the time on my iPhone – 10.30pm. We had made the mad dash from London to the Vale of Avalon in three and a half hours, although negotiating the rush-hour traffic out of the centre of the capital had devoured one hour of that. Our purpose: to attend the annual solstice Convocation of “The Brotherhood of the Essenes.”

Now you may be wondering why we attempted such a precisely timed excursion across fair Albion instead of taking a more leisurely pace. Indeed, this is what a lot of our friends did and made good use of the time saved at the pub across the road from the Town Hall. No – what actually happened is that we actually had a lodge meeting earlier in the day in London which we could not easily get out of. Therefore, instead of knocking the G-Town trip on the head, yours truly had the crazy idea that if we jumped in our cars immediately the meeting in London ended, we could get to the Convocation just in time. As it happened we succeeded: we got there with half an hour to spare.

“But what,” I hallucinate that I hear you ask, “is ‘The Brotherhood of the Essenes,’ and why are they so important?”

The Essenes are an esoteric organisation that has been going since 1920 – at least in their present incarnation. They usually meet only privately except once a year – on June 21st, when they hold their annual convocation which is open to the public. For this they hire Glastonbury town hall. They have a number of strange doctrines, some of which are recognisable as coming from the Qabalah, Astrology, and Solomonic Magick, but some are downright bizarre (even for someone like me). Usually the Essenes are a secretive bunch, but we had managed to prize a lot of their secret teachings out of one of their members by the time-honoured method of taking him down the pub and getting him drunk.*

When I went in the venue a decent sized crowd (at least a hundred or so) had already taken their places. Amongst the more soberly dressed attendees I saw a fair few strangely arrayed in bright colours – not members of the Essenes, you understand, but Glastonbury residents! In the main body of the hall chairs were set out as for a public meeting. On the stage, there were half a dozen chairs (for the senior officers of the Brotherhood) as well as a throne, with two pet-cushions to either side of it. Above the throne was a crucifix, whilst on either side of the crucifix were – strangely enough, was the portrait of a dog.

I later got the inside info on the dogs – apparently they belonged to Jesus! Or more accurately, they were His companions, so I suppose that in addition to the 12 human apostles, the Dogs were two Apostles to the Animal Kingdom which were not mentioned in the Bible. During the ceremony, whenever an Essene got up to speak, he would first bow to the throne + pet cushions, so I presume that the former was the place of the God-form of Jesus, whilst the cushions were those of the two canines. “Dog-forms,” if you will!

On the stroke of 11pm, a black robed gentleman struck a large gong (which I want for my wizard’s tower) to mark the beginning of the meeting. The whole company of the Brotherhood of the Essenes themselves processed in, in their impressive regalia. From what I gathered, they arranged the convocation in three parts. The first part consisted of some prayers and hymns, but mainly of a series of talks about the nature of the Order, its current work, its history, and the structure of the second part of the meeting. This turned out to be a powerful rite of Angel Magick. The third part essentially consisted of taking refreshments and winding down, although this itself had an important spiritual role, according to them.

Here then are my impressions of the first half of the ceremony.

1. The Essenes are at heart a Christian organisation. They incorporate many Christian prayers and hymns into their ceremonies, most notably the Lord’s Prayer and the “Nunc Dimittis.” They also believe that the Second Coming will take place in this the Age of Aquarius.

2. They are also a thorougly Anglo-centric organisation. They believe that Jesus Himself came to Glastonbury two thousand years ago, in addition to Joseph of Arimathea and the Holy Grail. Hence why the current meeting was being held there.

3. Consequently they like singing William Blake’s “Jerusalem.” A LOT.

4. The Essenes seem to place a lot of importance on certain teachings which have been received clairvoyantly or mediumistically, and hence on influential teachers who have appeared within their ranks.

5. Most significantly, however, and this was the theme most especially emphasised throughout the first half of the convocation, they are into the Spirituality of the Animal Kingdom IN A BIG WAY. This obviously links in with their fascination with the Godly-Dogs.

Their attitude may be briefly summed up in this way: the idea that man is somehow superior to animals is a purely anthropocentric conceit, but it is not how God sees things. Instead, God has a Plan for the Universe: and He has ordained that Animals have a role to play in that Plan. Hence it is highly important for man to respect the spiritual nature of the animal kingdom, to teach humility if nothing else.

What this means in practice is that the Essenes are all Vegetarians, and actively support charities concerned with animal welfare, and ending animal cruelty. Moreover one of the speakers urged those present to get involved politically trying to get the ways of both the UK and countries abroad (e.g. China) changed for the better.

The second part of the ceremony started at precisely 1am British Summmer Time, or Midnight GMT. All of the attendees formed a ring around the circumference of the hall – although we were told not to actually touch one another – while the principle officers placed themselves in the centre aisle. The Supreme Magus then led an actual magical ceremony which consisted of invoking the names of a series of Angels. From memory I recognised some of these from various Solomonic grimoires. I must admit that as an observer I subjectively felt this long invocation to be very powerful. It had been previously explained to me that the object of this particular ceremony was to thank the Angels for their work for the previous year and to welcome the ones who would aid humanity in the coming one.

At the climax of the invocation, the Supreme Magus announced “Now is the time,” whereupon, in the three minutes of silence which followed, as we had been coached to do so beforehand each attendee mentally made their own petition to the Angels for what they wanted to achieve, in the following form:

Prospering power almighty,
Prosper all my ways.
Fill my life with health and peace,
Lighten all my days.

In the name of the Holy Holy Holy
I petition and beseech that …
I ask this in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,
World without end,

This was explained to me that all those petitioning would, as a result of the Invocation, receive Angelic helpers that would attach themselves to the individuals throughout the year. As was ominously emphasised: “If you ask for iron bars, you will get iron bars.”

So in conclusion, therefore, what we have is an organisation which holds some very strange beliefs. Personally I thought them no more implausible than most of what occultists are regularly asked to believe as part of their training, although it did freak out a lot of others I was with that night who were completely unable to shift their paradigms, even for one second. On the other hand, the Essenes have been able to make a successful magical order with their unusual beliefs – one which has lasted longer than any Golden Dawn organisation, for example! Moreover, the Ceremony of the Angelic Names and its purported effects are an excellent way to test whether the Essenes are actually onto something.


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