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Tijuana book by Alex Sumner?

Mexican flag

¡Viva Mexico!

Mexico has given the world so many valuable things, such as Tequila, Chili Con Carne, Mescaline, Carlos Castaneda, the Aztecs and Chocolate. Now, by way of saying thank you, my books are on sale there!

Yes! You now have the opportunity to buy my books in Kindle format from Amazon’s new Mexican site. See here for more details.

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A Very British Blog Tour

A Very British Blog Tour 2013

A Very British Blog Tour 2013

Apparently I have been tagged by Maria Savva in a blog tour! I therefore present my own answers to the questions they have been asking.

Q. Where were you born and where do you live at the moment?

A. Essex – I was born in the London suburbs, but now I have moved out nearer to the coast.

Q. Have you always lived and worked in Britain or are you based elsewhere at the moment?

A. Pretty much, except for when I was a student, when I lived for a year in the Netherlands.

Q. Which is your favourite part of Britain?

A. Probably the West End of London, as that is where I often go out to enjoy myself.

The Magus, by Alex Sumner

Q. Have you ‘highlighted’ or ‘showcased’ any particular part of Britain in your books? For example, a town or city; a county, a monument or some well-known place or event?

A. Not as an ongoing theme. I set “The Magus,” my first book, in London because I knew the locations so well. I deliberately set the following books elsewhere to show that the characters were venturing through “unknown territory” both literally and metaphorically.

Q. There is an illusion – or myth if you wish – about British people that I would like you to discuss. Many see the ‘Brits’ as ‘stiff upper lip’. Is that correct?

A. I think it is an old-fashioned concept which, like male-chauvinism, has been or is being rendered obsolete by the rise of feminism. It might have been true before the age of Women’s Lib but it is increasingly not so. I think it is because in today’s world men now have to justify their behaviour to both men -and- women, instead of just justifying it to other men. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of older British men who are still like that.

Q. Do any of the characters in your books carry the ‘stiff upper lip’? Or are they all ‘British Bulldog’ and unique in their own way?

A. I made Detective Inspector Toby Croft, the senior male detective in “The Magus,” like that due to the fact that he is an old-fashioned type of guy.

Q. What are you currently working on?

A. I have recently done a revision of my first novel, “The Magus.” I am also writing a tale about the Law of Attraction (Cosmic Ordering, Manifesting, The Secret, etc), and how different characters get to grips with it in different ways.

Q. How do you spend your leisure time?

A. Conjuring angels, demons, and non-corporeal beings of a morally dubious nature; playing Enochian Chess; indulging in Tarot, Astrology, and related disciplines; and plotting the fate of the new world order with other members of the Illuminati. This is actually more fun than it at first sounds, as they generally hold all their meetings on licenced premises.

I object to you callin' me illiterate! And so does my wife and sister!

I object to you callin’ me illiterate! And so does my wife and sister!

Q. Do you write for a local audience or a global audience?

A. Global. As much as I love my native land, it only amounts to 10% of the potential world audience for ebooks in the English language.

Mind you, I may have harmed my sales in the USA with the title of the story Shall We Kill The President? – some illiterate red-necks did not realise it was meant to be a work of fiction! 😦

Q. Can you provide links to your work?

A. Yes: my books are available in both print and Kindle editions from Amazon. Readers who prefer other Ebook formats may buy them from Barnes & Noble, iTunes and Smashwords.

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Enjoy “The Magus” this Xmas!

The Magus - by Alex Sumner

Front cover artwork © 2009 by the author.

You now have the opportunity to download copies of my first novel, “The Magus” at a special rate this Christmas season! This is a story of murder and black magick and the occult set in contemporary London, and contains authentic descriptions of gruesome occult practices. It is the first book in my “Magus Trilogy.

For the whole of the Christmas Holiday Period – i.e. from now until January 6th 2013 – you can download it from SmashWords, in whichever ebook format you prefer, for just $1 – i.e. 50% off the usual price.

To take advantage off this offer,

Click on this link to go to THE MAGUS on

And use coupon PS33N at the check-out.

Thanks! 🙂

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Alex Sumner invades Canada! *UPDATED*

Canadian flag


Oh Canada! You have given so much to the world, such as Ice Hockey, Neil Young, Donald Sutherland, David Cronenberg, *cough* Pamela Anderson *cough*, Canadian Club Whiskey, Maple Syrup, Mounties, Lumberjacks, etc, etc. So to say thank you on behalf of the rest of the world, I, Alex Sumner, am making my books available in your fair country.

And, I am happy to say, Amazon’s Canadian website is now catching up with its American counterpart! As of today, the following of my books are available:


The Magus Trilogy

* lists these although the Paperback versions are currently (18.12.12) unavailable.

The Demon Detective, and other stories

All Kindle unless otherwise stated.

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Apocalypse is coming … A Week Early: Follow-Up

You now have the power to become fabulously wealthy – by listening to Alex Sumner when he gives Stock Market tips! Yes indeed, I, Alex Sumner, the world’s greatest expert on Financial Sorcery have scored a success, and consequently I am going to crow about it egregiously in a blatant bit of self-promotion. In my last post I said:

This is what happens when Jupiter Px opposes Mercury.

This is what happens when Jupiter Px opposes Mercury.

If I were to predict what will happen on that day I would say that probably there would be yet another dip on the stock market…

I therefore suggest the following course of action for the poor benighted inhabitants of this planet.

3. If you are an investor – go short on the stock market.

I wake up this morning and what do I find? The FTSE-100 is down 300 points! Hence, anyone who followed my advice and went short has now made tons of cash.

You’re welcome. Expressions of gratitude may be made to the Alex Sumner Appreciation Fund (link on my website), or here.

More seriously however, I note that the police have not announced any more arrests in Operation Yew Tree, as per my other prediction, which leads me to believe that given I was right about the first thing, then there is still a notorious sex-offender who is currently at liberty. Come on Police, get with it!

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Os ebooks de Alex Sumner: agora disponíveis no Brasil!



Ah Brazil! You have given the world so many things! Like Pele, Capoeira, Bossa Nova, Samba, thong bikinis, Cachaça, the Rio De Janeiro Carnival, etc etc. So, to say Obregado on behalf of the rest of the world, I, Alex Sumner, am now making my Ebooks available in your fair country!

Please note that they are only in English – I have not yet translated them into Portugese. Head on over to my Brazilian page for more details!

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Sumner Alex no hon wa, Nihon de hanbai sa rete i!


People of Japan! You now have the opportunity to buy my books in your country! Why not head on over to now?

Taromancer Kindle only
The Magus Print Kindle
Opus Secunda Print Kindle
Licence To Depart Print Kindle
The Demon Detective Kindle only
A Greater Power Kindle only
Shall We Kill The President? Kindle only

As I believe the saying goes in your country: ( ^ _ ^ )

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Occult-related crime training in South Africa

Detectives in South Africa have decided to get with the plot of my first best seller The Magus and train-up specialists in “occult-related crimes.” According to a police memo there will be two such specialists per province (i.e. 18 in total, given that there are 9 provinces) who will be investigating, in particular

“… muti murders, curses intended to cause harm, vampirism, spiritual intimidation including “astral coercion”,  rape by “tokoloshe spirits”, poltergeist phenomena, voodoo,  black magic and traditional healers involved in criminal activities.”

Well! Who would have thought that vampirism is such a serious problem in South Africa! Seriously, though, Pagans in South Africa have been vocal in expressing scepticism of the police-initiative, pointing out the potential for  abuse. Significantly, though, tasking police-officers to deal with occult is not actually a new phenomenon: apparently there was actually an Occult Crimes Unit in the country’s police force which attained some notoriety during the last days of Apartheid.  Eventually it was disbanded for discriminating against certain beliefs. Presumably therefore South African Pagans are not just concerned about the new initiative out of political correctness, but because it resembles very much a return to the bad-old days of state repression.

Anyway: such concern for occult-related crime has not translated to the United Kingdom, which is not to say that it doesn’t occur. However, if there’s anyone from Scotland Yard reading this: if you need an independent expert or anything, my hourly rates are quite reasonable. 😉


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The Secret of ‘The Magus’ Revealed!

“Secret Chiefs” is a vexatious topic in the Occult. On the one hand some people claim that they – and only they – are in contact with them. For these people a Secret Chief becomes a badge of exclusivity, a members-only sign to provide a filip to their fragile egos. On the other hand there are people who deny that Secret Chiefs exist, precisely because they do not want people to feel excluded. Then again there are people who say: “Someone is only a Secret Chief if they conform to the rigid definition which I set.” Hence, when any given person fails to live up to their arbitrary criteria, they say: “That person cannot then be a Secret Chief.”

As has been pointed out elsewhere, there is good evidence that Macgregor Mathers believed the Archangel Raphael was the Secret Chief of the Golden Dawn. To my mind this is entirely plausible: after all, what would you expect with a name like “Golden Dawn?” Also, the idea that Mathers received his teachings as a result of a series of clairvoyant operations involving the Archangel of Tiphereth would be congruent with the views of those who believe that Secret Chiefs are not living adepts.

So basically, the whole argument boils down to those who assert the existence of the Secret Chiefs out of sheer hubris, and those who deny them because they do not want to admit that any other person knows more about the occult than they do. Which itself is another kind of hubris. What I see very little of, unfortunately, is people willing to accept the possibility of Secret Chiefs out of a genuinely humble attitude of actually wanting to learn something.

But I digress.

The Magus, by Alex Sumner © 2009

I would like today to tell you a story of a certain person to whom I shall refer simply as “R,” and who was the real-life basis for the character of “The Magus” from my trilogy of books of the same name. R was, quite simply, the most likely candidate for a “Secret Chief” whom I have had the honour of meeting.

I first met R in 2009, although I had heard of him by reputation in certain English esoteric circles for several years before that. R was a kindly old gentleman in his eighties. He had been a Freemason for around sixty years, and had in his time joined a number of esoteric organisations both related and unrelated to Masonry and had achieved the equivalent of “grand rank” in all of them. However his true spiritual home was a rather obscure and exclusive order organised on generally esoteric Christian lines, based inGlastonbury, of which he eventually became the head. This order works a sophisticated system of Qabalistic Theurgy: moreover, as the head of the order, R had an important role to play as the intermediary between the Human and Angelic realms.

I say “spiritual home” because he used the teachings he had learnt here to colour how he interacted with all the other organisations of which he was a member.

R once told me a little of his background. It was obvious that he was an expert on Astrology and the Qabalah. In fact, as he explained, his studies had been such that he had been looking forward to the coming Age of Aquarius long before such a term ever became fashionable.

When it came to Freemasonry, he had been initially frustrated on first joining: his enquiries as to the deeper meaning of the symbolism of the Craft were usually met with responses like “Because it is written!” or “Because it’s always been done like that!” or even “Don’t worry yourself about that.” Bear in mind that this was around sixty years ago: from my own observations of Freemasonry almost all lodges are still like that today! R had more luck however when he joined the Masonic Study Circle, and he started coming into contact with those more esoterically minded.

By the time I came to knew him, he firmly believed that when Masonic ritual is delivered without any sense of meaning or importance – which unfortunately is how 99% of Freemasons do deliver it – it is useless. However, when it is delivered with decorum, and an appreciation of the principles involved, then that by itself serves to attract the positive influence of higher spiritual beings. Or in other words, if only Freemasonry were treated like a spiritual practice, it would become one!

So anyway: whilst outwardly a kindly old man, R was in fact the equivalent of a senior adept in just about everything. Everyone who knew him and to whom I spoke generally agreed that if any human being could be a Secret Chief, R certainly qualified.

But then, however, I uncovered the proof!

The last time I met R was several months ago, when he came to visit my own lodge. I knew that he was closely acquainted, via this same esoteric Christian organisation, with a couple of the people there, so I naively assumed that he had just turned up to wish them well. “Ah, no,” one of them said, in a mysterious tone, “it was a bit more than that…”

He said no more until a few weeks later, when we were at a lodge of instruction, that the details of why R had visited us were revealed. The crafty old so-and-so had been checking us out on the astral plane as we performed our ritual! He later took his trusted acquaintance aside and said something along the lines of “My boy, that was generally good, however I have some suggestions for you to make sure that ‘them upstairs,'” (which was how he referred to Angelic presences) “don’t get accidentally put off in the future.” His contact then relayed the various pieces of advice to us. I had to admit that the teaching was of the very highest quality.

But then – the realisation struck me. R had, all along, been using his position as head of this Glastonbury-based order to establish a network of contacts, getting them into positions of influence in a whole load of other esoteric orders. He then used this network to promote the values of this esoteric Christian order within those other orders!

I would have been outraged – were it not for the fact that I actually enjoyed the snippets of secret teaching that he was disseminating in this clandestine manner. Far from using his influence to aggrandise himself, R was deliberately attempting to promote what he honestly believed were true spiritual values.

Excited by my discovery, I went to see another of my esoteric acquaintances, who also knew R well. “Funnily enough,” he said after I had explained my theory, “many years ago I once suggested that R might be a Secret Chief as well. But I was told: ‘He can’t be a Secret Chief – he’s not dead!’

The idea that being deceased was a necessary qualification for being a Secret Chief struck me as quite bizarre. Unfortunately, however, that final barrier was recently removed when R temporarily paused all his spiritual activities for which a physical body was necessary.

I firmly believe that great Adepts do not simply “die” at the end of their physical existence, but move to a region of the astral plane from which they can continue to influence their followers still on Earth. Hence, although R is no longer with us, he will almost certainly continue to exert his influence – which let’s face it, means on most of English esotericism – for a long time to come.


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Alex Sumner: Interview by Maria Savva

Hi there, just thought I’d do a good turn for my fellow author Maria Savva by plugging an interview she did with me for her Goodreads page. In it I reveal some of my influences and the background to my stories. Although, readers of the interview get a chance to win a free short story. Click this link to read the interview.

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