Apocalypse is coming … A Week Early: Follow-Up

You now have the power to become fabulously wealthy – by listening to Alex Sumner when he gives Stock Market tips! Yes indeed, I, Alex Sumner, the world’s greatest expert on Financial Sorcery have scored a success, and consequently I am going to crow about it egregiously in a blatant bit of self-promotion. In my last post I said:

This is what happens when Jupiter Px opposes Mercury.

This is what happens when Jupiter Px opposes Mercury.

If I were to predict what will happen on that day I would say that probably there would be yet another dip on the stock market…

I therefore suggest the following course of action for the poor benighted inhabitants of this planet.

3. If you are an investor – go short on the stock market.

I wake up this morning and what do I find? The FTSE-100 is down 300 points! Hence, anyone who followed my advice and went short has now made tons of cash.

You’re welcome. Expressions of gratitude may be made to the Alex Sumner Appreciation Fund (link on my website), or here.

More seriously however, I note that the police have not announced any more arrests in Operation Yew Tree, as per my other prediction, which leads me to believe that given I was right about the first thing, then there is still a notorious sex-offender who is currently at liberty. Come on Police, get with it!

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