The Coronavirus Daemon

Before reading any further, I must warn you that the following blog-post contains swearing, and should not be read by anyone of a nervous or overly sensitive disposition, and preferably not by anyone who is superstitious about demons and stuff either.

OK, now that I have ensured that you are still reading this, I’ll continue. Recently, in a discussion I had there came up the question, “What is the Name of the current COVID 19 outbreak?” The implication being that if it had a “name,” it could be commanded like a spirit or Daemon. This relates to an old concept in both Exorcism Rites and in ceremonial magick, in that the first step in compelling a spirit to action is to ascertain and confirm its actual name.

This got me thinking – I turned to the astrology of the situation in the hope this might give me guidance.

Right now, in Capricorn / Aquarius, there is a “quadrivium” (four-way conjunction) with Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. Several astrologers have noted that because this quadrivium has happened round about the same time as the current COVID 19 hysteria, that perhaps it represents the current pandemic itself?

If one cares to humour this conceit for one moment, one may follow my train of thought as follows:

In the Qabalah, Mars is represented by the letter PEH.

Jupiter is represented by the letter KAPH.

Pluto, being only recently (within the last hundred years) discovered was not traditionally represented in the Qabalah – however, some modern groups such as BOTA have assigned Pluto to the tarot key “Judgement” and hence the letter SHIN.

Saturn is represented by the letter TAV.

Hence, Mars – Jupiter – Pluto – Saturn – the planets in the order as they are currently lined up in the Quadrivium are collectively represented by a made-up Hebrew word thus:


Peh, Kaph, Shin, Tav, written left to right.

Literally, this would be something like “PKShTh.” However, given that PEH is used for both a “P” and “Ph” sound, and TAV is a “T” as well as a “Th,” then it is not too much of a liberty to proclaim that the proper pronunciation of the above Hebrew word is “Fuck-Shit.”

Yes! The world is currently being ravaged by daemon named “Fuck-Shit.” And moreover, it is probably because humanity has been swearing a lot recently that this daemon has been inadvertently given more power than it deserves.

So please, don’t just clean your hands – clean your mouths also, and your vocabulary to go with it! And do not be swearing at all! Unless you are an experienced ceremonial magician who knows what they are doing, in which case, go right ahead.


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4 responses to “The Coronavirus Daemon

  1. OMG, brilliant! Too funny and right on the mark!

  2. C.D.V.A.

    An extremely amusing post, thank you! We could all use a good laugh right about now (or at least a reflex crack of a smile 🙂

    Just as a note. The Hebrew double letters traditionally take the “hard” pronunciation form at the beginning of a word – except for instances of bad Hebrew translations, e.g. the KJV. This has remained remarkably consistent except for some modern “phonetic” renderings of foreign words. A quick glance through a Hebrew dictionary of words beginning with Peh, Tav, etc. will confirm the same.

    Perhaps: “Puck-Shat” would be more appropriate and ably describe some of the more common symptoms as well. One could even draw analogies as to why, in some corners of society, the current crisis is also known as the “T. P. Apocalypse” (both letters pronounced as hard consonants).

    The cause of the current crisis appears to be rooted in the fundamental matrix of physical form/ embodiment and hence cannot be banished or commanded (see Steiner on the 3 Temptations). The best course would seem to be a “Turning Away” as taught in the 6=5, while retaining our humanity and the obligations imposed upon us as citizens of Malkuth.

    Thanks again for the post.
    Best wishes (Tov) to All (KL). Shalom.
    Fra. CDVA

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