Binding Trump

… and following straight on from my last post…

I read with amusement on Facebook today of apparently there are a load of witches in America who want to “bind” Donald Trump from doing any evil. Hmm! If they are powerful enough to do that to Trump, why didn’t they cast a spell to make sure he didn’t get elected in the first place???

Anywho. What I find most amusing though is how the organiser, a Mr Michael Hughes, attempts to justify his actions. I quote:

For anyone worried about their karma, Hughes writes that binding “seeks to restrain someone from doing harm” and is “differentiated from cursing or hexing, which is meant to inflict harm on the target(s).”

I hate to break it to Hughes, or to any witch that is considering taking part in this event that Binding is itself a form of Cursing. More precisely, they are both Curses, but a Binding is a Curse with an “unless” clause attached, i.e. it usually takes the form of “I curse you, so-and-so, unless you refrain from doing evil.”

If you do not believe me when I say that Binding is Cursing, ask yourself this: imagine that although the Binding spell works, Donald Trump tries to resist its effects as best he can. What do you suppose will happen to him if he does so?

If your answer is “nothing,” or something light and fluffy – then you have not actually succeeded in Binding him.

If however you answer that something unpleasant will happen to him, then that is the very definition of a Curse.

Don’t get me wrong. There is evil in this world, and sometimes one has to take robust measures… but one should not kid oneself that there will not be karmic consequences. If one were being honest with oneself, one ought to man-up and take ownership of the karma that arises from ones binding spells and what not! Binding is most definitely is not good against evil, it is about using evil to fight evil.


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2 responses to “Binding Trump

  1. Tonight at midnight, not only Christian prayer warriors, but an army of Magicians, REAL Witches, and Shamanic practitioners – Magi of Light will be waiting for that sorry group of misguided witchlets who think they have a right to try to topple the American Republic. In defense of the Republic, we will show you what Magickal power is.

  2. Karma and fate are the best ways to let someone to their undoing, by their own actions and resonance. Meddling in karma and fate, oh dear, I don’t think that’s very wise. I might be interested in healing, herbs, astrology, etc, but that kind of thing bounces back.

    Tbh, there are good and bad things about Trump, I’m a fair and balanced person, and try to see positives. One thing I don’t like is his poor kid getting flak for his dad, that’s bullying. And picking on Ivanka, when she is obviously a nice lady with some moderating influence.

    Trump has made politics interesting again, he’s roused people, bombastic yes, but increasing jobs, trying to protect the nation from terrorists, actually doing things, rather than bland mediocrity.

    Surely they are good things?

    Yes he has a bit of a patronising attitude to women at times, but they still get well paid and plenty of jobs for them. The protestors don’t know how lucky they are living under him rather than an absolute dictator who would ban protests or stone them to death.

    He’s got moon in Sag like I have, speak your mind, expansive, blunt, a good heart, and strength.

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