What is your strangest Glastonbury story?

St Michael's Tower, Glastonbury Tor

St Michael’s Tower, Glastonbury Tor

You have the opportunity to help me out with a writing project, and it’s all to do with Glastonbury in Somerset, England. I am currently working on a hypothesis: that Glastonbury is a lot weirder (and consequently more wonderful) than most people appreciate – and by that I mean spiritual people as well.

Sure, everyone knows about Bligh-Bond, the Glastonbury Zodiac, Dion Fortune and all the rest: but what I’m mostly interested in is the really out-there stuff that seldom gets talked about. For example, the incidents which surprise even those that thought they had seen everything – or which just struck you as highly unusual at the time.

“Happy ending” stories and anecdotes most especially welcome! Please reply in the comment section below, or use the form on the Contact Alex page to message me privately.


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