What the Stars Have In Store for the Golden Dawn: “I Told You So” edition

Back at the beginning of the year I posted my predictions for the Golden Dawn based on transits made with a rectified birth chart I had made for it.

I noted:

Jupiter meanwhile, being square to the GD’s natal Uranus (exact on 25th December 2013 and 13th May 2014), indicates people feeling irritable and wanting to break free of past restrictions, and even causing rebellion.

(Emphasis added)

Now in retrospect we have the following scandals occurring on or around 13th May 2014:

Just remember kids! I also predicted fun and games for June 2014 (Jupiter square natal Mars); August 2014 (Jupiter square Midheaven); and November 2014 (Saturn opposite natal Neptune). You have been warned!


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3 responses to “What the Stars Have In Store for the Golden Dawn: “I Told You So” edition

  1. Peregrin

    While in no way disputing your astrological prowess (seen many times), Alex, really predicting irritability and rebellion in ‘the Golden Dawn’ is like shooting fish in a barrell. Every day, me ol’ chum, every day 🙂

    • Hey, I do not do mere trivia! When I say “something’s going to happen,” I mean something major, my assumption being that if it wasn’t major I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all. For example, one doesn’t get a kiddie porn scandal everyday in the GD, yet this is almost on the same level of seriousness as the Horos scandal.

  2. Peregrin

    Ah… yes, good point, Alex. Forgive me. Still, whenever child porn accusations are flying I’m always wary. The Watcher’s assertion that the temple and international Chief knew about the now convicted senior member, and expelled those who objected, are – at this stage – mere pixels on a screen. No names, no references, just ‘sources’.. so presumption of innocence prevails for me at this stage.

    That said, yes it is a major deal… so kudos on your astrological predictions 🙂

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