Vibration: Is it really necessary?

This blog post was inspired by a question on Facebook. My answer is a bit more involved than can be conveniently put in a FB comment, so I will post it here.

Celina, in a question in group “Golden Dawn Universum,” asked:

My practice is coming along but I would like some feedback on the intonation of the words. I’m inhaling good n I can do the vibration fairly good to. But it is mostly when I’m using my more quiet voice. When I’m home alone I like to do it louder. Sometimes my voice cracks a bit n its not a smooth chant. What is a technique for a good deep exaltation to make it more smooth and chanty? Where should u focus ur breath on when chanting ?

Now, everyone who’s into the GD style of magick comes up against a similar situation in their own practice, to wit: “How do I know when I’m doing vibration correctly?” I.e. the correct way of chanting or pronouncing Divine (etc) names.

The basic theory of “vibration” is that when you do it correctly, the vibrations actually affect the astral plane.

However – partly as a result of my own experiences and partly as a result of talking to magicians from outside the GD tradition – I’m beginning to wonder whether “vibration” per se is actually necessary at all.

My first reason to doubt the necessity of vibration came when I first practised Enochian. I recited an Enochian call, and immediately felt its power. All I had done was (a) memorise the call in Enochian; (b) memorise its literal English meaning; and (c) speak it normally in Enochian, whilst simultaneously remembering both its meaning and the magical effect it was supposed to have. There was no vibration involved whatsoever – and yet it still worked.

The second reason to doubt the necessity of vibration was a comment passed by an elderly gentleman who said that it is only necessary for ritual to be spoken and performed with dignity. The reason being that “them upstairs” can sense the intentions of the ritualist and don’t actually need co-ercing in the form of physical, mental or psychic exertions on the human’s part. Hence, instead of bursting a blood-vessel trying to vibrate (e.g.) “Yod Heh Vav Heh,” it is merely necessary to pronounce “Yod Heh Vav Heh” in the firm belief and confidence that YHVH will indeed hear it.

This is a rather radical notion – that angels and gods or God are in fact real, and exist independently of the paltry human’s attempts to mess about with the astral plane – but it does have the advantage of coinciding with the Right Hand Path’s notions of Grace, rather than the Left Hand Path’s more antinomian leanings.


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2 responses to “Vibration: Is it really necessary?

  1. That makes perfect sense.

    I will say that I have experimented with different ways of intoning names in certain invocation operations, and I do see some differences in how well *I* open up to receive the influence in *some* cases (e.g. 2 out of 10 so far in my Lunar Mansions Tour).

    If that’s the most it’s doing, then it becomes another highly individual, essentially unteachable thing, as we all have a different spectrum of receptivity to start with. I frequently find that the way other people “vibrate” is more distracting than inspiring.

    Another possibility is that one could transmit certain receptivities to other people in the Temple by speaking or chanting certain things in the way most natural to someone who knows the particular intelligence well. That’s completely untestable, however, since being in the presence of the attuned person could have had the same effect in many ways.

    I first noticed that effect in the Zen school years ago. Some people can ring a gong “exactly right” and have it be just a sound, whereas an advanced practitioner can play the same sequence and take the top of your head off.

  2. Since the time we just had books, I’m a bit older, I always found “strange” how some pronunciations was explained.
    Like a forced vibration. In recent times, we have former GD rituals and many others at Youtube, so people can listen what they named “vibration”.
    IMHO, I never liked that. Appears to be really forced.
    But I always observed as for me, this is a continuous work in progress.
    What I observed is, with time, when I get contact during the ritual and I become involved, my voice changed. A natural vibration comes, as a result of the energy you raise, not forced.
    So, my opnion is: talk from your heart. With time, your breath, your voice, your body and your soul will be filled with the divine grace.

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