Written in the stars… Why do we put our faith in horoscopes?

Simon Singh claims he will give £10k to charity if any newspaper astrologer can acquit him / herself in his rigorous tests… but he doesn’t say what the astrologer has to donate if the astrologer doesn’t make it.

Is this Simon Singh guy a raving loony or what? Come on guys,this is a quick way to raise ten big ones for charity, at no cost to yourselves!

And before you say “what about my reputation?” – hey, I’d do it, I’ve done silly stuff for Comic Relief before, so I wouldn’t be losing anything that I haven’t lost already. 😉


Looking at the science, I’m inclined to be a bit of a sceptic when it comes to horoscopes. But then I would say that – I’m a Cancerian.

My cynicism might also be on account of Neptune being in retrograde, of course. And then there’s the gravitational pull of Uranus.

Interestingly, however, whatever your star sign does say about you, it isn’t likely to determine whether or not you’ll believe in astrology in the first place – Mystic Meg is a Leo, Russell Grant an Aquarius and Jonathan Cainer a Sagittarius.

Patrick Arundell, an astrologer for 16 years, writer of Metro’s horoscopes and an Aquarius, said: ‘Many people no longer see astrology or a daily horoscope as being about neat prediction as much as an account of planetary angles on any given day.

‘They know the astrologer is keen to give them a reflective pit stop which gives them a…

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One response to “Written in the stars… Why do we put our faith in horoscopes?

  1. Don108

    Scientific discovery is not accomplished through unknown tests designed by people seeking to destroy the opposition in public forums.

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