Message to the people of Cyprus

Aphrodite, accompanied by her nymphs.

Aphrodite, accompanied by her nymphs.

The island of Cyprus is the birth-place of the goddess Aphrodite, and she remains the patron goddess of this island even to the present day. She is concerned for Her people in their current time of crisis and wishes that they would call on Her more often. Invoking Aphrodite would be the way for the Cypriot people to find a solution to their current dilemma. (Message ends).


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2 responses to “Message to the people of Cyprus

  1. Spending too much on luxury things you cant afford is probably what got them into the mess in the first place

  2. Lady Dreadnaught

    Bollocks Nick – that theory was posited most recently in an editorial in the FT about a fortnight ago, and got roundly trounced.

    Remember the era before 2008 when people in the UK were encouraged to participate in (i.e., spend, borrow, and earn) more and more? “Economic growth” and all that? The good and sincere people of Cyprus were only led by the same Pied Piper, believing (as did the people of Eire, to name another EU state that got a bloody nose after 2008) that the transitory gains of a national economy led and fed by banking was the real picture of their nation’s prosperity.

    Of course, if you personally know exactly what percentage of your income via clients/employer wages/consultancy fees or whatever is made up from earnings that will somehow withstand variations in the market, including adjustments for fraud, misrepresentation, and wishful thinking, and also have a firm grip on how everything from currency rate fluctuations to national debt balances to drought will affect your incopme/savings/investements, then feel free to laugh.

    But you probably don’t, and I actually do, so based on that I think you’re being a bit of a mean git! 😛

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