Books: Saving the world from annoying music!


You have the power to get annoying repetitive music out of your head – simply by reading a good book! So say scientists at Western Washington University. Incidentally, this story was reported in the Daily Telegraph only today, so it’s probably so ancient it’s already been peer-reviewed.

Anyhow: the trick is to provide the brain with a sufficiently tough challenge to engage the intellect – such as reading an interesting novel. This apparently gets rid of the said “ear-worms.”

Needless to say: I have a whole load of publications which I cheerfully recommend to this purpose.

Alternatively, getting involved with trying to work out anagrams is also alleged to do the trick. Well, meck fu! 🙂


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2 responses to “Books: Saving the world from annoying music!

  1. I concur! Reading helps me to escape from so many things (annoying music, doing the housework, those niggling chores that you just can’t be bothered with, the snow…)

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