What the stars have in store for The Sun On Sunday

Rupert Murdoch and his son James (aka Burns & Smithers from the Simpsons)

Rupert Murdoch and his son James

The world was in mourning yesterday when Rupert Murdoch, to absolutely no-one’s surprise at all, confirmed that The Sun newspaper would be launching a Sunday edition. Vigilant web-observers had reported that the domain name had been registered the very day after the closure of the News of the World was announced last year. What is news however is that the date of the first issue has been confirmed as Sunday 26th February 2012.

I have therefore taken it upon myself to cast a horoscope for the paper, in order to see how Murdoch’s latest enterprise will fair. As the paper is based in London, and will be available from midnight onwards, I have taken 12am London, UK, on Sunday 26th February 2012 as the time, date and place for the chart.

Birth chart for "The Sun On Sunday"

Birth chart for The Sun on Sunday courtesy of Astrodienst.com

 The genesis of the idea

Rupert Murdoch probably decided the launch date for the Sun on Sunday two weeks previously (12th February) – which just so happened to be the date the Sun announced that he was due to fly into London (Moon is two degrees past Venus in a Cardinal sign and a succedent house).  No surprises that it comes about as a direct result of the trials he has been going through recently (Moon opposite Saturn). That the Moon is in the fifth house AND in conjunction with Venus indicates that Murdoch was probably being over-dramatic in doing so, acting from romantic notions about what should become of the new paper.

“Birth-chart data”

The paper has Sun-Pisces and Scorpio-Ascendant. The latter indicates that the face the paper presents to the public will be overly concerned with both Sex and Death, whilst the former indicates that its attempts at factual reportage will be marked by flights of fantasy, wishful thinking, and a tendency to adopt a dreamy view of the world as opposed to one which is strictly accurate. The fantasy / wishful thinking aspect will also be evident through its writing style, and the editorial will be forthright in putting forward the paper’s “beliefs” (Mercury in Pisces).

The paper’s sun sign, being on the IC, indicates that its primary focus will be to establish a safe and solid house style which will see it through the long-term. Given that its sun- and mercury- are both trine to the ascendant, this indicates that the paper will be successful in integrating its fantasy / wishful thinking style with its Sex / Death subject-matter.

Prospects for the future

The paper will generally do well at least for the first twenty-one months of its existence, but will face a severe crisis in November 2013, which is when Saturn transits the paper’s ascendant. The edition of Sunday November 24th 2013 will be a time of particular difficulty for the paper. The paper will be forced to face up to its responsibilities and adopt a serious tone – a significant number of staff will be forced to leave as the paper tries to slim down. This does not necessarily entail fatal consequences for the paper, as it will be able to put across its position to the general public very well (Mercury is transitting the paper’s ascendant at the same time).


The stars are all lining up to suggest that the new Sun on Sunday will conform to everyone’s prejudices of how it is likely to turn out!!! Generally speaking I predict that if the paper can survive the crisis in November 2013 it will mostly do well. The circumstances of its birth – i.e. the memory of the closure of the News of the World and how its journalists were treated by Murdoch – and are being treated by the Leveson Inquiry at the moment – will affect the general atmosphere in the news room for a long time.

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