The Ley of the Land (slight return)

Yesterday’s post about Avebury garnered some very interesting comments (thanks to all concerned). I would like to share one further factoid which an astrologer friend first told me, which I could have mentioned yesterday but it slipped my mind at the time. It is this: Avebury’s latitude is 51º 25′ 43″ N – which is the same number of degrees as the seventh part of a circle.

Immediately the Sumner Family Brain Cell prompted me to say: “Aha! So Avebury’s position must be based on astrology!” My reasoning being that back in ancient times astrology and astronomy were the same thing. The ancients would have measured Latitude by comparing the angle between a true vertical (e.g. a plumb line) and the Pole Star. Hence it is entirely possible that the ancient builders of Avebury deliberately chose that site because of the particular angle.

This is of course speculation, but we should remember that the builders of Avebury did know their Geometry, so it would have been a simple matter for them to turn their attention Vertically to the Heavens, as well as Horizontally to the land.

This actually gives me a brilliant idea for further investigation. As I stated yesterday, Avebury is on at least one major Ley Line which passes through not just nearby Silbury Hill, but (thanks to correspondents pointing it out) places further afield, including even Carnac in Brittany. Hence, if my theory that astrological considerations played a part in choosing Avebury’s location is correct, we should expect to find sacred sites where major Ley Lines hit latitudes of  (e.g.) 72º, 60º, 513/7º, 45º, etc.

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