Royal Wedding: Astrology Proved Right!

This is a bit of a sad post for me, as I had rather wished I had not been right after all. On the positive side I am glad to see that anarchists and satanists did not disrupt the Royal Wedding after all. However, over the weekend it was reported that Wills & Kate had decided to postpone their honeymoon: whilst today it was reported that the couple face separation as Prince William deploys to Falklands.

It is with no pride that I distinctly remember what I wrote in a previous blog post:

Sometime last year I went on the radio – the BBC World Service no less – to explain that astrologically speaking there is something wrong with the date that Wills and Kate have chosen for their wedding. The main concern I identified was that on April 29th 2011, Saturn – the planet of Death, delays and restrictions – was opposed to Venus, the planet of Love.

In effect, the Wedding Day was the day on which the marriage was “born,” and hence the stars on that day constitute a natal chart of sorts. Hence although the day itself went alright, the Saturn influence will show itself as a recurring pattern throughout the marriage. It would appear from the news stories referred to above that this is already beginning to rear its ugly head.

My advice to the Royal couple is therefore to take steps to knock this on the head now, so it does not become a feature of the marriage. Seeing as the Honeymoon has been postponed, there is now a rather obvious date later in the year when it would be an auspicious day for them to take it, viz Friday October 7th, which was the day I suggested for their wedding in the first place!

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