You may be amused to know (I certainly was), that according to researchers, the ideal duration for sex is only ten minutes – and anything more than 13 minutes is too long.


This would be a source for a great deal of comedy if it were not so tragic. For a start, the methodology of the researchers leaves a lot to be desired. They did not find out the answers to their questions in the usual manner – instead they just went round asking people.

Furthermore, I take umbrage at the assertion that more than 13 minutes is too long. I mean, come on! That’s barely enough time to do it just once! What about foreplay, multiple orgasms, interplay, doing it more than once, afterplay and all that? Claiming that more than 13 minutes is too long almost makes me feel inadequate – for all the wrong reasons.

More seriously though there is an implied criticism of Tantra. This is something which concerns me not just for personal reasons but for professional ones as well: I deliberately incorporate a strong amount of “magick with a K” in my books. The fact of the matter is that when sexual magick is performed properly is it very powerful indeed. I cannot stress this too much. It leads one into a state of magickal consciousness in which one feels one has been handed the key to unlock the mysteries of the entire universe and beyond. It is so powerful that I deliberately want to avoid giving the impression that there may be an upper limit to what may be achieved.

However – very little of this will be experienced by people who merely aspire to ten minutes on average. It has been observed by Nikolas Schreck, author of “Demons of the Flesh,” that sex magic is essentially an elitist path – and, if the researchers mentioned in the article are allowed to define orthodoxy, it is likely to remain so for the near future.

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