99 Problems But Being A Mason Isn’t One

Another blog post in my series of presenting an insider’s guide to the New World Order.

How quickly all talk of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol fades from the public consciousness. If Google News is to be believed at all, the only hot topic in Freemasonry at the moment would appear to be whether rapper Jay Z is on the square or not. However when I researched it, apparently it is not a new story at all, it goes back to at least 2007. Apparently the evidence goes like this:

  • Jay Z read the Latin inscription which is printed on the back of the $1 bill in one of his lyrics – and now he is a member of the NWO.

Get real! By that definition any American can get into the club by reading their own currency.

  • There is a picture of Jay Z on the net giving Nas a funny handshake.

OK the guy does look as if his thumb is bent at an unusual angle. But I would be slow to draw conclusions from this.

  • He is a successful rapper and has earned millions.

Hmm? Might this not be more to do with the fact that people have been buying his records? Masons cannot actually produce money out of thin air, you know.

In fact, the evidence for saying that Jay Z is a mason is pretty slim. He has not done anything which could not have been achieved by not being a mason. In my opinion, the only sign of a conspiracy would have been if his contacts had managed to get him an unusual gig, which he would not have been able to get otherwise – say for example headlining at a major British festival traditionally reserved for rock acts only. 😉

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  1. The subject of Freemasonry and the NWO is still foreign to many. Those who are familiar with the topic don’t usually openly discuss it. Fear of the unknown maybe? Who knows. I think Jay Z is the hot topic on the subject because it’s more attention-grabbing. People are quick to dismiss things that they aren’t familiar with, doesn’t affect their everyday lives or simply aren’t exposed to on a regular basis.

    I wouldn’t say Jay Z has done anything overtly to prove his affiliation with Freemasonry or not. He sees the attention people have placed on his Masonic status over the years and is probably just playing into it. Many artists have been known to create and sensationalize stories to sell albums. Not saying this is what he has and continues to do, but it wouldn’t be too far fetched.

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