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How do you explain Kundalini Awakening to a rational person?

This was originally on Quora.com, but it was removed because they didn’t like me linking to an external website.

Give the so-called rational person a copy of Wilhelm Reich’s The Function of the Orgasm: Sex-Economic Problems of Biological Energy (The Discovery of the Orgone, Vol. 1) and explain to them that Kundalini awakening is similar in purpose and function to the release of “orgone” which Reich describes as occurring when a neurosis is abreacted.

You might also point out, however, that a traditional Yogi would view the process in far more spiritual terms than Reich would ever have countenanced: for example, a Yogi would not say neurosis so much as karma, and moreover would see the whole process as a spiritual one, whereas Reich only viewed it as a psychiatric one.

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Telepathy: Alex’ predictions come true!

More news today that machine-assisted telepathy is advancing apace, with research indicating that it is possible to move a cursor about a screen by the power of thought. Alas, invasive surgery is required – similar to a story I highlighted on this blog a short while ago. It seems however there has been an attempt to create a gaming device on the market for some years now, using non-invasive means, although it does require a lot of work to calibrate it when first setting up:

But hang on a sec! This EPOC thingumajig was first put on the market in 2008 – but it is only this year that that scientists have gotten round to testing machine-assisted telepathy using controlled double-blinded peer-reviewed experiments. That means that for two years Emotiv have got away with marketing a device that has not been subjected to clinical trials. Let’s hope the FDA don’t wake up to this – Wilhelm Reich was thrown into prison for less.

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