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Telepathy: Alex’ predictions come true!

More news today that machine-assisted telepathy is advancing apace, with research indicating that it is possible to move a cursor about a screen by the power of thought. Alas, invasive surgery is required – similar to a story I highlighted on this blog a short while ago. It seems however there has been an attempt to create a gaming device on the market for some years now, using non-invasive means, although it does require a lot of work to calibrate it when first setting up:

But hang on a sec! This EPOC thingumajig was first put on the market in 2008 – but it is only this year that that scientists have gotten round to testing machine-assisted telepathy using controlled double-blinded peer-reviewed experiments. That means that for two years Emotiv have got away with marketing a device that has not been subjected to clinical trials. Let’s hope the FDA don’t wake up to this – Wilhelm Reich was thrown into prison for less.

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