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Magick and Espionage

All this talk about Russian Spies this week has got me thinking about the subject of espionage generally.

Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman, alleged Russian Spy Mistress.

Magick has a strange relationship with espionage. It has been alleged that John Dee signed his letters “007” and that his gallivanting around Europe was actually a series of spying missions – and yes, Ian Fleming did have a book about John Dee in his library.

Certainly one of Dee’s most prized possessions was a copy of Steganographia, by the Abbot Trithemius – a book of secret writing disguised as a book of magick.

Fleming also once met Aleister Crowley. Crowley himself alleged that he was a spy for British Intelligence in World War I, although this may have been to deflect criticism that he had been working for a pro-German propaganda sheet whilst in New York.

Actually this has given me an idea for a new method of magick working. Instead of creating a sigil via the A O Spare method, why not take a pre-existing magickal image, and encrypt the statement of intent into it using steganographic software? More news about this if it works after I have tried it out.To find the secret message in the above picture, copy it and go to http://mozaiq.com to decrypt. Password = trithemius


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