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Women Are Free To Have Sex In English Cathedrals

Good news for women in England today, as well as for those into sacred sexuality! A woman is allowed to have sex in the grounds of an English Cathedral – this is the ruling of a court in Cambridgeshire.

There is one fly in the ointment though – a man will still be prosecuted for it.

In a news report today, a couple were found having sex in the grounds of Ely Cathedral. They were caught and arrested by the police – but only the man was prosecuted at the local magistrate’s court. He was convicted and fined £130, but more seriously he presumably will now be registered as a sex-offender. The woman however was not prosecuted at all!

Now I could say that it would be good to see more women exploiting their new found privileges and perhaps test to see how far the law goes – but that would obviously be crass and out of place. Instead I find it a happy day that, two thousand years after the blatantly hypocritical predicament of the Woman Taken In Adultery, we have now reversed the position so that it is the man who gets a public stoning instead. Hooray for the end of the outrageous sexism that characterised the Piscean Age! 😉

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The Church of England vs The Eighth Commandment

Was greatly amused this morning by reading a story in the Independant (yes I was that bored), about a C of E vicar who said that in cases of extreme poverty and desperation, it is morally right for a starving man to shop-lift from a supermarket in order to feed himself. To back his argument up, he pointed out that the way the UK treats poor people is so bad (or at best, inefficient), and the fact that God’s love for the poor is more important than anything else, that a little case of breaking the Eighth Commandment is excusable.

I note that this Vicar only said it was morally right to steal from large businesses. Ironically, he did not say anything about it being right to steal from Churches! After all, let’s face it – who has done more to leach money out of the poor and keep them in subjugation: Sainsbury’s or the Church of England???

Methinks this Vicar is being a bit of a NIMBY. He thinks it is ok for an indigent to steal from a supermarket, but heaven help the same person who nips in to his place and half-inches the candlesticks!

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