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Like this if you are a student of the Egyptian Mysteries and care about what’s happening in Egypt

Last night Al Jazeera reported that Mubarak supporters were looting the treasures of Egyptian antiquity from their museums. This morning, Al Jazeera reports that Mubarak has ordered it to close down. Its blogs – on which it was reporting the unfolding situation in the land of Khem – have already been taken off-line (or at least that was how it appeared to me using Opera).

Some politicians are talking about “having grave concerns.” Others don’t want to get involved in what they see as purely Egypt’s own internal affairs.

Well, Bollocks is what I say to that.

We are not just a collection of individual countries, we are a world community. The people of the world are all world citizens. Heck – a lot of them might actually want to visit Egypt at some point, if they felt it was safe to do so. Moreover, places like the Great Pyramids, the Valley of Kings, the various temples up and down the land – they are not just Egyptian tourist attractions they are WORLD heritage sites.

What’s more: it takes neither a genius nor a psychic to work out that whatever happens in Egypt now, later this year there will be an international humanitarian crisis happening there and throughout the Middle East – and then it will be the world’s problem, despite all the efforts of the current crop of politicians not to get involved.

I am an occultist – and part of that is to be a student of the Egyptian mysteries. I am personally concerned about what happens in that country – partly out of self-interest, partly out of concern for the Egyptian people. I think it is incompatible for anyone to profess an interest in Egyptian Art, religion, architecture or history and remain silent while the cradle of Egyptian civilisation itself – the raison d’etre of ones studies – is in so much peril.

Personally, I believe that the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt are not fluffly new age concepts designed to gratify the egos of western occultists, but are actual powerful forces whose first care is the very land of which they are patronal deities. In any event, the common will of the people directed towards justice and freedom will invoke the eventual victory if nothing else does.

So, western politicians! Stop having grave concerns about the Egyptian situation and start imposing grave sanctions! It is not a separate country, it is our neighbour – and, as another Egyptian Magician once said – “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.”


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The Assassination of Osiris by the Coward Set

Osiris - before

Once upon a time there was an Egyptian named Osiris. According to all reports, he was a generally good chap, respected by all and a pillar of the community. Although modest in his outward behaviour, he was habitually committed to truth and justice – which turned out to be his undoing.


For it so happened that there also lived in the land of Egypt a tyrant named Set, who did not like Osiris nor others like him. This Set was an evil old so and so, who in order to cover up his own corrupt practices and those of his servants, would allow his servants to go beat up and kill Osiris’ countrymen.

One day, Osiris happened to come across evidence that Set’s servants were up to no good yet again, and decided to expose the fact. Enraged, Set sent his servants to capture Osiris and kill him, whilst he authorised his ministers to lie about the circumstances in which Osiris died.

Osiris, after he had been brutally beaten and killed by the minions of Set.

Unfortunately for Set, the evil dictator had reckoned without the tenacity of Isis, who was immediately enflamed with a desire to see justice done on behalf of the murdered Osiris.

Isis - in some of her manifestations.

At the time of writing, this story currently has no happy ending. We await with eagerness the ultimate victory of Isis, and the emergence of a new Horus who can provide a new direction to the old land of Khem.

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