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The Magic of the Earth, by Alex Sumner

… is the title of an article I have written for the website Pagan Friends. Their Autumn Equinox edition is out now. 🙂

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The Ley of the Land

One of many standing stones at Avebury in Wiltshire, England.

Recently I had the opportunity to go hunting for Ley Lines out in the field, when I visited Avebury in Wiltshire, England. I only stopped there briefly one afternoon, so at some point in the future I would like to go back and make a more thorough investigation. I shall give my impressions of the place for those who have not already visited it. It is the most extensive site of standing stones of which I know. The stones at Stonehenge may be larger, but the architects of megalithic Avebury located theirs over a wider area, delineating a vast complex. The stones vary in height but are typically about 10′ (3 metres) in height (see right for example).

Modern Avebury is a small village, right in the middle of standing stones on all sides. There are so many that it is possible to walk in any direction from the local pub (which does nice food by the way!) and find an abundance of them. On a sunny afternoon Avebury is popular with hippies and pagan-types and others who appreciate Earth mysteries.

So, there I was, in a field just a short walk from the village centre, with lines of stones in front and behind me. I attempted some dowsing. I did not have any L-rods, but I did have a pendulum, so I went about it in the following manner. Concentrating on the first stone I could see, I asked the pendulum: “is there a ley-line in this direction?” The pendulum at first said no. I then turned to the second stone and asked: “is there a ley-line in this direction?” I kept asking this until I was finally facing one particular stone, and the pendulum gave me a Yes-signal. Just to be sure I checked out the remaining stones, but I did not get any further Yes-signals.

The horizon was obscured by a low-hill. I asked a companion who knew more about the area if anything interesting lay in that direction. His reply was “Yes its Silbury Hill.”

Silbury Hill (bottom left) through Avebury.

I was quite excited by this, not least because I honestly did not know Silbury Hill was in that particular direction. As to why this particular ley-line is significant I do not know. I note that Silbury Hill is a 4,750 year old artificially constructed earth-mound, but the actual reason for its existence baffles the scholars. Clearly this requires further investigation on my part, although the fact that these Earth-energies are detectable by dowsing at all is remarkable in itself.


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