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Halloween 2010

Hallowe’en – the crazy costumes! The fundamentalist Christians going all miserable and saying bah, humbug! The razor-blades in the apples! Yes, it’s that time of year again: so I shall do my annual round-up of where to go to celebrate Samhain this Sunday.

1. Camden

Samhain is all about when the spirits of dead ancestors come back to haunt the living – and nowhere is this more reinforced than when Alice Cooper plays the Camden Roundhouse, with guests Jim Rose and Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love Reaction. Hey, I know it’s a cheap shot, but I thought Cooper himself would appreciate the triple-turned irony!

2. Whitby

Any Goths not in Camden will surely be in Whitby, North Yorkshire. One has to admire this quote from the official website of the Whitby Goth Weekend:


Whitby Police have asked me to remind WGW attendees that the carrying of genuine metal swords and bladed items would amount to a breach of the law and leave someone liable to arrest and possible prosecution.


3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas as everyone knows was created by Satan, and seeing as it is the party capital of America it seems like an excellent place to have a good old debauched time. What I thought would be fun was to see whereabouts in Vegas to go, by consulting various fundamentalist Christian websites, and noting which events they condemn most strongly. This one says that apparently there will be a load of internationally-recognised spirit mediums performing. However, they were obviously a man short as they got in Derek Acorah as well! Derek, an unmitigated Scouser, has the uncanny ability to make any spirit he channels talk with a Liverpudlian accent. Oh well – there will be other things going on in Vegas at the same time, so it isn’t all bad.

Details of more events to be posted as I get hold of them…


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